How Much is Price of Wall & Floor Tiles in Nigeria?

The price of floor tiles in Nigeria is not definite. This is as result of availability of many types and quality of floor tiles in Nigeria.

Floor tiles has become very important building accessories in Nigeria owing to its advantages when used in house construction.

Before now, tiles are mainly used in part of house prone to water absorption and pressure such as kitchen, bathrooms, pools etc.

Not long after, tiles became a very popular material used for house flooring, displacing rubber carpets,rugs etc.

Gradually the use of tiles became dominant and it’s advantages was overwhelming that production moved to manufacture of wall tiles and open compound tiles.

This is the type of floor tiles installed in the compounds instead of interlocks and cramped concrete.

This article will review the prices of tiles in Nigeria which will provide update on the cheapest floor tiles and it’s prices as well as the best floor tiles for living rooms (parlour), bedrooms and kitchen.

The essences of this post is to give an idea of the current price of floor tiles in Nigeria.

Price of Carton of Floor & Wall tiles in Nigeria

How much carton of tiles cost in Nigeria is highly determined by the size of the tiles and it’s quality as well as design.

The cheapest carton price of tiles in Nigeria is 40×40 tiles which cost between ₦3400 – ₦4000. Also, the number of tiles that is inside per carton of tiles is relative.

Oftentimes times, the size of tiles and it’s quality determines the number of tiles per carton of tiles. The price of tiles is very close amongst major dealers across the country.

The gap in tiles prices among sellers especially major sellers at major building material markets is usually minimal.

Below in this segment of the article will will provide the current tiles prices in Nigeria. This will include the price of both wall and floor tiles in Nigeria as well as the number of tiles found inside per carton of tiles.

Wall & Floor Tiles Price in Nigeria

Here is breakdown of the difference types and sizes of floor and wall tiles in Nigeria as well as their prices and the number of tiles inside one carton of tiles.

Tiles Size (cm)  No. in Carton    Price in Nigeria

  • 60×60 tiles          (4)              ₦6,000 – ₦10,500
  • 40×40 tiles         (8)               ₦3200 – ₦4,000
  • 30×60 tiles         (5)               ₦6,800 – ₦8,000
  • 60×60 white floor tiles  (4)    ₦4800 – ₦ 6300
  • 60×60 tiger floor tiles  (4)     ₦3800 – ₦5000
  • 600×600 granite tiles  (1)    ₦14,000 – ₦16,000
  • 40×80 tiles           (4)          ₦5600 -₦6,000
  • 120×80 tiles         (3)         ₦22,000 – ₦25,000
  • 60×60 polished tiles   (4)   ₦3,800 – ₦5,000
  • 60×120 virony floor tiles  (2) ₦13,000 – ₦16,000
  • 25×40 tiles            (15)       ₦4000 – ₦5200
  • 25×40 goodwill wall tiles (15) ₦2500 – ₦3000
  • 80×80 tiles          (3)         ₦8,500 – ₦9,000
  • 25×50 outside wall tiles (15) ₦7000 – ₦ 7,500
  • 400×400 tiles        (1)       ₦11,5000 – ₦13,000
  • Indian granite tiles   (4)    ₦23,800 – ₦25,000
  • Swimming pool mosaic tiles (4)₦10,000 – ₦12,000

Use of Floor & Wall Tiles in Nigeria: An Overview

Despite the perceived high cost of floor and wall tiles in Nigeria, it has become a dominant building material in Nigeria owing to numerous reasons.

There is hardly any new house construction without plans for tiles installation especially on the floor. Because tiles comes in different prices and cost, it affords those embarking in house project opportunity to work according to their budget.

Irrespective of the price, size and quality of tiles, they are all very cool when used in building construction and has numerous advantages over other floor and wall designs. Some of the advantages of installation of floor and wall tiles includes:


This is one of the major advantage of tiles over other building surface cover. Tiles when installed either on the floor or walls present very clean looks and improves the aesthetics of the building.

Easy to Maintain

Tiles are very easy to maintain when exposed to dirts and other unpleasant stains. It does not require any special skills, machine or technical know how to maintain floor and wall tiles.


Floor and Wall tiles has longevity over other floor and wall treatment. Tiles can stand test of time and can be used for years without being replaced.

Resistance to Environmental & Weather Conditions

Tiles are very resistant to environmental and other weather conditions such as rain,sun, fire etc. This is one of the very huge advantage of floor and wall tiles over other floor design materials.

Absorb Water Pressure

Tiles are known to absorb water pressure and this is why they are mostly used in some of the highly water pressured part of building such as bathroom, kitchen,swminng pools etc.

They enhance easy flow of water and and does not retain water which helps main structural state.

Types of Floor & Wall Tiles in Nigeria

There are numerous types of tiles suitable for different parts and type of buildings. Irrespective of the best tiles for living rooms, tiles for kitchen and bedroom, any type of tiles can still be installed in any part of the building.

However some tiles are most suited to some parts of the building based on their designs, quality and resistance to water and wetness.Here is list of most popular types of wall and floor tiles in Nigeria and their features.

Vitrified Tiles: These tiles are created by fusing clay with other minerals, making them highly durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ceramic Tiles: These are versatile and come in various colors, patterns, and textures. They are suitable for both floors and walls.

Terrazzo Tiles: Terrazzo tiles are made from a mixture of marble, granite, glass, or other aggregates embedded in cement. They offer a unique and stylish look.

Porcelain Tiles: Known for their durability and water resistance, porcelain tiles are often used in high-traffic areas and bathrooms.

Glass Tiles: These tiles are often used as decorative accents due to their reflective and colorful nature. It is the most of tiles used in living rooms and most visible parts of house.

Marble Tiles: Marble tiles are known for their luxurious appearance and are commonly used in upscale spaces.

Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles are small pieces of glass, ceramic, or stone that can be arranged to create intricate patterns and designs.

Vinyl Tiles: this type of tiles is not as popular as other types, vinyl tiles are used for their affordability and ease of installation.

Natural Stone Tiles: These include materials like slate, limestone, and travertine, each offering a distinct natural look.

Cement Tiles: These tiles are handmade and offer unique patterns and designs. They are often used for creating visually appealing surfaces.

Granite Tiles: Granite tiles are tough and durable, making them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic.


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