How Much is Proof of Fund for Canada Students Visa in Nigeria (Naira)?

A lot Nigeria students embark on abroad studies at the North American country of Canada.

Canada is one of the world’s top study destinations for international students which is attractive to many Nigerian students.

Apart from world class and state of art learning facility in the country, the economic benefits which the country offer is part of the reasons for Increased migration of international students to Canada.

To be able to apply and study in Canada, the applicant has to meet numerous conditions of which having adequate funds is part of it.This is popularly known as proof of funds (POF).

Every international students who wants to study in Canada is demanded to proof to immigration authorities that they have the required financial strength and muscle to take care of their academics and up keep while studying in Canada.

Hence, prospective international students enroute Canada is expected to provide bank statements showing availablity of funds for their education purposes and comfortable living during their study duration.

How much a student needs as proof of funds for Canada students visa is relative as many factors determines how much international students coming to Canada need to show as proof of funds in Nigeria.

One of the major factors that determines how much is required as proof of funds for Canada students visa is your program tuition.

Also, another factor that plays a role on how much is required in bank statement for proof of fund is dependent.

If you wish to travel for your studies with dependents such as wife, children, then how much that is needed for your proof of funds for Canada visa is bound to increase as stipulated in Canada immigration official portal.

However, over 80% of international students from Nigeria moving to Canada travel alone atleast for the initial migration.

Hence this article will center on providing you with the amount that is enough or needed as proof of funds for Canada visa in Nigeria for only the student.

Proof of Fund for Canada Study Permit in Nigeria: How Much is Required in Naira?

According to Canada Immigration Official website, the living expenses and amount of money required as proof of funds for an international student is $20635 CAD annually and this is excluding your tuition fee.

Inotherwords, your number of years of study will most likely determine how much you need to show as proof of fund for your Canada visa in Nigeria.

The amount of $20635 CAD in Nigeria Naira will amount to about 15 million.

Also, your proof of fund become more solid if it exceed this required amount. This is why it is important to show both the annual living expenses amount of $20635 CAD plus your first year tuition fee.

This helps make your visa application strong from the angle of proof of funds.

So, international students from Nigeria who is moving to Canada for one year diploma program will be required to provide proof of fund of $20635 CAD + Tuition.

This is how to ascertain how much is needed or will be enough as proof of fund for Canada students visa in Nigeria.

How Many Months Bank Statement Is Required for Canada Visa Proof of Fund?

As seen from Canada immigration official portal, proof of financial status otherwise known as proof of funds for an international student should be a four (4) months bank statement showing availablity of the required sum.

This is applicable if the student is using his or her own bank statement for proof of financial status.

So, four (4) months is the number of months, a bank statements is needed proof of fund purposes for Canada visa.

Also, during application, the funds are expected to still be in the bank account pending when you have left for your studies.

Inotherwords, the money lodged in your account for proof of fund purposes will most likely remain in these accounts for more than four (4) months.

It is best to not temper with the account untill you have secured your visa and traveled to Canada.


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