How much is Transport From Onitsha to Lagos?

Onitsha is very strategic for those traveling to Lagos from Eastern Nigeria because of presence of major transport companies in the city.

Population of Akwa Ibom

Most travellers moving to Lagos from Onitsha usually seek out for the best transport companies for Onitsha to Lagos route as well as transport company with cheapest t-fare or ticket for Onitsha to Lagos route.

Onitsha to Lagos route is one of the busiest routes in Nigeria and this may not be unconnected to the fact that the two cities houses the two biggest markets in Nigeria.

Often times travellers moving to Lagos from Onitsha are quick to find how much transport from Onitsha to Lagos is.

This helps travellers to budget adequately and prepare financially for the trip. The cost of traveling to Lagos to Onitsha by road cannot be pinned at a specific price.

This is because there are numerous transport companies plying Onitsha to Lagos route and these transport companies set the cost of their Onitsha to Lagos transportation fee based on discretion.

As result of high inquiries into how much is transport from Onitsha to Lagos, we decided to do a survey to ascertain how much it cost to travel to Lagos from Onitsha.

After ascertaining how much major transport companies charge as transport fare or ticket for Onitsha to Lagos route, we were able to arrive at the average cost of transport cost from Onitsha to Lagos.

On average, the current cost of Onitsha to Lagos transport is N12,000. However, the type of vehicle boarded also influence the transport fee from Onitsha to Lagos.

Big and newest Sienna vehicles, executive buses with air conditioner will charge between N15,000 to N18,000 from Onitsha to Lagos.

This is just as normal Toyota Hiace buses, mini luxurious Bus, small Sienna vehicles will charge between N10,500 to N13,000 for Onitsha to Lagos route.

So if you plan to travel to Lagos from Onitsha and seek to ascertain how is fare from Onitsha to Lagos, the above findings would help you budget properly for your trip.

With the above stated price,you can easily use any major transport companies to move to Lagos from Onitsha.

Best Transport Company for Onitsha to Lagos

There are numerous transport companies that ply Onitsha to Lagos route with each competing to outdo one another.

Based on opinions, customers service, facilities and vehicles, the following transport companies are considered the best transport companies to board from Onitsha to Lagos.

These transport companies is not the cheapest transport companies for Onitsha to Lagos route.

They are best companies the provides the best transportation services for Onitsha to Lagos route.

These transport companies also have enough vehicles and can easily response to emergency and send in another vehicle to evacuate or move on their passengers.

Here are the best Onitsha to Lagos transport companies in Nigeria.

  • GUO Transport
  • Eddysons Transport
  • God is Good Transport ( Available in Asaba)
  • Chisco Transport
  • Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd

These are top 5 best transport companies for Onitsha to Lagos route from upper iweka at Onitsha.

They are our select best from pool of numerous transport companies plying Onitsha to Lagos route.


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