How Much is Units of Electricity in Nigeria? (2024)

Cost Price of Units of Electricity in Nigeria

Electricity in Nigeria though unstable is currently perceived to be expensive by consumers. This article will review the cost of unit of electricity (prepaid meter tarrif) in Nigeria.

How to recharge Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

The use and payments for electricity is one of the major problems characterised with electricity sector in Nigeria.

While many Nigerians are yet to transit to pay as you go electricity use which implies use of prepaid meter in Nigeria, those already on the schemes is expressing dissatisfaction on the cost of units of electricity in Nigeria.

It is not feasible or tenable to calculate accurately electricity consumption of unmetered electricity consumers in Nigeria, hence the consumers in this category are placed on estimated billing.

For those on prepaid meter, it is easy to calculate and determine their electricity use.

This is because,those on prepaid meter scheme in Nigeria purchase electricity in units.

Often times, prepaid meter electricity consumer in Nigeria complain of high electricity tarrif which affects how much a units of electricity cost in Nigeria.

However, electricity distribution companies had insisted that electricity use in Nigeria is not as expensive as consumers make out of it.

They insist that electricity in Nigeria is one of the cheapest across the globe.

In a bid to discover what exists,we decided to carry out a research to ascertain the cost of units of electricity in Nigeria.

The price of units of electricity in Nigeria is what determines how many units of electricity N1000 or N5009 can buy in Nigeria.

How To Calculate Electricity Units in Nigeria

The cost of unit of prepaid meter electricity is dependent on the the tariff and band of the electricity consumer.

In otherwords, there is no universal price for units of electricity in Nigeria.

So, how much a unit or 100 units of electricity cost in Nigeria is based on factors such as:

  • Tarrif
  • Band (Feeder)

The tarrif which is the electricity package the consumer is on largely determines how many units of electricity they get with N1000 or N5000 recharge.

There is tarrif for consumers on commercial use and premises.

Also, the tarrif for residential consumers is also different and relative too.

On the band or feeder, the generating station or power station a consumer is connected to or gets power from also plays role on how much their unit of electricity will cost especially for those on prepaid meters.

This also means that the cost of units of electricity in Nigeria will slightly differ from different electricity distribution companies in that they all do not source their power from one power generating company.

Hence, the cost of units of electricity for IKEDC ,EKEDC ,PHEDC and EEDC will slightly all differ.

In this same way AEDC prepaid meter unit cost will as well be different and based on certain variables.

Electricity Units Cost & Prices in Nigeria

From our research and fundings, one (1) unit of electricity in Nigeria cost between N51.78 to N53.78 per unit of prepaid meter electricity recharge.

What this means is that the number of units of electricity N1000 can purchase is around 17 to 20 units of electricity.

This is the current and newest cost of electricity units in Nigeria.

Also 100 units of electricity recharge will cost about N5000.

This is just as N10000 can buy you about 200 units of electricity in Nigeria.

This is how much units of electricity you can purchase or buy in Nigeria.

How to Check Outstanding Bills Balance on Prepaid Meter

It is important that you check outstanding electricity bills for that new apartment before moving in.

This is because arrears of electricity bills will constantly be deducted from your prepaid meter recharge pending when the arrears is fully exausted.

This is very important because it will help you to avoid inheriting unpaid bills for your new apartment.

To do this and check if an apartment is owing bills on their prepaid meter, request for the meter number and run a check at the nearest office of your electricity distribution company.

Also, you can check online to find out if there is unpaid bills for EEDC, IKEDC,EKEDC,AEDC,PHED prepaid meters.

This simply involves login in to their official website, going to payment icon and inputting the meter number.

Through this, any arrears accured will be shown and this helps new tenant make better decisions about electricity situation and use for their new apartment and homes.


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