How Much Pocket Money Should I Bring to Canada as International Student?

Canada has remained one of the world’s top destinations for international students. This is owing to state of art learning facilities available in the country as well as perceived cheap tuition and living expenses in Canada.

Moving to Canada as an international student requires financial strength as law in the North American country restricts international students to work hours of just 20 hours per week.

Also, as stated on Canada immigration website, an international student needs $10,000 CAD for one year living expenses.

This is outside his or her tuition fee for the year. The above requirements shows that having enough funds is crucial to live good and comfortable in Canada during your studies.

There have been many reports of international students who upon arrival in Canada struggled with getting basic needs such as shelter, transportation, gloceries etc as result of arriving with inadequate fund and money.

These category of students are left at the mercy of their student or religious community who sometimes take them in for a period of time pending when they stabilises and being able t provide their basic needs.

It is important to have enough money when moving to foreign country and not just Canada.

This is because, without having adequate funds, challenges that comes with moving to a new country such as housing, jobs etc can be very overwhelming.

In this article, we will discuss How much you should bring with you as you coming to Canada as international students.

Some people can liken this to how much pocket money you should bring to Canada as international students

How Much Money is Enough to Settle in Canada When you Land as International Student?

We have always advised that international students should follow strictly the directives of Canada immigration policy which pegged one year living expenses for international students at $10,000CAD.

This doesn’t mean that arriving international student should have $10,000 CAD in cash but it is important to have the needed amount either in shared form of maybe having part of the amount in their accounts, credit card and others in cash.

To settle easily in Canada as an international student, you need to arrive the country with a significant amount of money that will take of your basics especially shelter, transportation, feedings etc on immidate.

It is important to note that average cost of student accommodation in Canada is $500CAD per month.

So, it will be proactive measure if the student can have atleast 2 months of their accomodation rent set aside.

Based on your province, not all international students in Canada get jobs immediately upon arrival in the country.

This is why it is important to have adequate pocket money when landing in Canada as an international student.

Oftentimes times international students who are sponsored my not have the $10000 CAD living expenses relased to them at once by their sponsor.

This is perhaps to curb reckless spending and maintain planned budget. But it is important that an international student landing in Canada have a significant amount that can help them settle in seamlessly and hitch free.

How Much Should I Have as International Student Landing in Canada?

It is best to adhere to IRCC directive of having $10000 CAD for your one year living expenses.

However,not all international students would have this whole fund made available to them at once especially the ones with sponsors.

It would be proactive for an international student landing in Canada to have between $3500 CAD to $4000 CAD for their settlement in the country.

This amount would cover their accomodation, transportation, feeding on immediate while they settle in.

The above stated amount is not part of tuition fees and is purely amount needed to settle in Canada as newly international student for atleast within first two to three months.


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