How Much Traffic Do I Need to Apply for Google AdSense?

Despite wide and numerous information online about the number of traffic required for AdSense approval, facts shows that there is no pinned or set traffic minimum for AdSense approval and acceptance.

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AdSense which is ad network owned by Google is the most used ad network among online publishers seeking to monetize their contents.

AdSense is the most reliable ad network globally and this makes it easy to understand why many online publishers are relying on AdSense for content monetisation.

While Google AdSense is widely used, it’s approval comes with requirements and conditions of which one of them many points to, is having certain amount of traffic in your blog or website over a period of time.

In this article, we will review number of traffic needed to get Google AdSense approval and acceptance.

This will help answer question such as how much traffic is required or needed to get Google AdSense approval.

What is the Amount of Traffic Required for AdSense Approval?

Findings has shown that there is no set traffic target by Google for AdSense approval.

However, to get AdSense approval, website or blog need to garner significant amount of organic traffic daily.

By organic traffic we mean traffic generated through search engines. I usually advise that publishers set for themselves traffic target of 1000 page views or visits in 30 days.

This amount of web traffic will increase your chances of getting AdSense approval once applied.

Perhaps, Google policy on the number of traffic for AdSense may vary from region or country, but this move of applying for Google AdSense with 1000 page views traffic is most applicable and feasible for Nigeria’s online publishers.

How Much Traffic is Needed To Make Money From AdSense?

Once you have gotten Google AdSense approval and have added ad codes to your blog or website, you will definitely earn, but according to your traffic performance and other factors.

However, a publisher stands to make significant amount of money if they have high traffic and the location of their visitors as well as the type of audience they target.

What is The Minimum Traffic for Approving AdSense?

Google does not have minimum traffic criteria for approval AdSense application. However, there are certain requirements which your blog or website must possess or feature to be able to serve AdSense.

There have been reports of publishers who got AdSense with zero page views. This goes along way to prove that there are not minimum traffic requirement for AdSense approval.

To apply for AdSense,make sure that your website or blog has the following features: SSL certificate, no copyright content published on site, publishing articles regularly on website, make a minimum 15–20 blogs and should be posts of between 300 to 700 words, feature contact us and about page.

These are some things your need to feature on your website to be able to get AdSense from Google.

End Note on Required Traffic for AdSense Approval

Sometimes, getting AdSense approval can be daunting and time taking. To be able to get your AdSense request approved fast, it is important you adhere to Google’s policy and make your website highly engaging.

Google loves quality websites and with organics views. It may take a while to have your AdSense approved upon application, especially if you haven’t fixed all parts of your website or have some couple of quality traffic.

The easy and fast way to get Google AdSense is to follow Google’s policy and increase engagement on your website through quality traffic and publication of original contents.


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