How to Activate Follow Button on Facebook Personal Profile

To add or activate follow button on Facebook profile, certain simple processes and procedures is required.

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Actiavtion of Facebook follow button or icon can be done both on Facebook mobile and desktop.

Ordinarily, Facebook personal profile comes with “Add Friend” button and not follow button.

It is at the discretion of users of Facebook to activate or add follow button to their personal profile on Facebook and this has to be done manually through some simple processes.

However, It is imperative that you activate follow button on your Facebook account because of the 5000 friends limitations which is part of Facebook terms and conditions.

There comes a time when out of popularity or activities on the social media, users can exhaust the 5000 allowed facebook friends.

When this happens, Facebook users in this situation will be left with the options of having people, clients or more friends following them on the social media rather than be their friends.

So activating follow button on personal Facebook account or profile gives user opportunity to connect with more than the Facebook benchmark of 5000 friends.

Also, adding follow button on your Facebook profile account gives one more access to connect to larger users and audience on Facebook who may not necessarily be their friends.

This is why it is important that you activate your follow button on Facebook before reaching the 5000 friends limit on Facebook.

How to Turn On Follow Button on Your Facebook Personal Profile Account

The processes that is involved in activating and adding follow button on Facebook is a very simple one and can be done in few minutes.

Below is the easy way to turn on Facebook follow button on personal Facebook account.

  • On the mobile app, click on the menu option in the upper-right corner.
  • Go to Settings and expand.
  • Click on Privacy Settings tab.
  • Click and expand “Who can send you friend request”.
  • There will be two options here. “Everyone” and “Friends of Friends”. Select “Friends of Friends”.
  • Click on the back icon to return to Settings.
    Under the Privacy header, click on Public Posts.
  • Select the Public option under who can follow me, this will allow others to follow your public posts similar to the follow buttons found on Twitter,Instagram and other social media platforms.

The above tips and processes is the steps that can be followed to add or turn on follow button on Facebook personal profile account.

Benefits of Activating Follow Button on Facebook

There are certain advantages of turning on follow button on your Facebook profile account.

Some of these are merits and why you should add follow button on your Facebook profile account

  • Activation of Follow button makes your profile to look more professional and official
  • Facebook follow button allows your followers sees your public updates in their Facebook feeds even without being your friends.
  • Facebook users may as well discover your profile through the “People to Follow” box on the right side of their Facebook news feeds.
  • Follow button affords your followers opportunity to share your public posts, which broadcasts your post and profile to a larger Facebook audience.
  • With facebook follow button turned on, you will connect with more than 5000 friends Facebook benchmark.
  • Privacy settings and options can still be explored and potential followers can still be blocked
  • With facebook follow button, you have a wider reach on Facebook and can also attract like minds.
  • Facebook follow button allows users to see your posts and updates without you seeing theirs.
  • It also affords users opportunity to have access to the posts and updates of who they follow without them seeing their own posts and updates.
  • You can have many followers who are not your friends.
  • It makes marketing of products and services easier as you have unlimited access to Facebook users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Facebook Follow Button Activation

There are many questions and queries many Facebook users do ask concerning Facebook follow button activation and turn on.

We will try to give insight to some of the FAQ about how to turn on or add follow button on Facebook personal profile account.

Does Facebook “Add Friend” Button Change To “Follow” Button Automatically After Reach 5000 Facebook Friends?

The answer to this query is no as Facebook add friend button do not change to follow button automatically after reaching 5000 friends on Facebook.

Facebook follow button does not appear on personal Facebook profile unless user activates or turns it on.

It is Possible to Covert Facebook Friends Requests to Followers?

There is a Facebook misconceptions that friends requests can be converted or changed to followers.

This is not correct as checks has shown that people can only follow on Facebook upon clicking on Follow button on Facebook profile account.

Is it Possible to Add or Turn on Facebook Follow Button If I Am Not Verified on Facebook?

Facebook follow button is not reserved only for celebrities, public figures or verified Facebook accounts.

Every Facebook user can turn on or add follow button on their Facebook profile account.

It is a feature that is open to all Facebook users around the world.

So, you need not be be a public figure, comedian or celebrity to be able to activate or add follow button to your Facebook profile page.


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