How To Become Coca Cola Distributor in Nigeria (2024)

How To Become a Coca Cola Sales Representative in Nigeria

Investing in sales of Coca-Cola products is a lucrative business in Nigeria.

Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria

Coca-Cola is one of the major manufacturers of beverages around the world.

This post will give you update on how to join coca cola as sales distributor in Nigeria.

Becoming distributor of coca cola products is highly profitable and lucrative as well.

Their products in Nigeria is flying very high. Most beverage merchants are scrambling to register as distributor with Coca-Cola company in Nigeria for obvious reasons.

Despite the influx of Nigeria markets with numerous beverages and soft drinks, coca cola remain a top brand and most patronizsed beverage in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be discussing tips and guides for becoming Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria.

Nigerian Bottling Company is a beverage firm that is the franchise bottler of Coca-Cola in Nigeria.

Requirements For Coca-Cola Distributorship in Nigeria

This segment of the article will tell you how to become coca cola distributor agent in Nigeria.

You can become Coca Cola’s registered distributor in Nigeria by following these requirements.

The requirements for obtaining distributorship licence with Coca-Cola in Nigeria is not so easy.

There are certain factors that plays into one becoming Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria.

Some of the factors considered before one is granted Coca-Cola distributor status are:


Capital is very paramount before you can be given Coca-Cola distributor status.

Being a coca cola distributor is capita intensive. It requires over a million naira to go into Coca-Cola distribution.

This is because as Coca-Cola distributor, you will be liable to sell all Coca-Cola products despite your preferences.

In otherwords, you will not only sell and market Coca-Cola soft drinks, but other products of the company like Eva water, 5alive, Monster energy drink etc.

So, you can see that dealing on Coca-Cola products as distributor requires big capital.

Also, you will be required to make purchase or place order of certain amounts that will be worth bearing the transportation cost by the company.


Locations is another factors that is considered before you will be grated Coca-Cola distributorship status.

Every Coca-Cola distributor has a zone it controls and there can’t be two distributors in a one zone.

So, Locations is a major determinant in getting Coca-Cola distributor licence in Nigeria.

If you are applying for Coca-Cola distributorship in a zone already occupied by another distributor, you may not be granted the distributor application.

Certificate of Business Registration

Coca-Cola is a top and renowned beverage company, so to partner with them will require credibility.

For you to become a registered distributor of Coca-Cola, you will be required to present certificate of business registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

How To Apply For Coca-Cola Distributorship

Interested entrepreneurs who wishes to partner and deal on Coca-Cola products can for apply distributor licence by submitting an application to any Coca-Cola Plant or Terminals within their region.

If the applications is sanctioned, a sales representative will be assigned to the would be distributor for easy access of the company products, questions and clarifications.

How Lucrative is Coca-Cola Distributor Business

Coca-Cola distributor business is very lucrative. For every pack of Coca-Cola products bought by a distributor, a rebate will be paid to the distributor by the company at month end.

In otherwords, a distributor who bought a total of 10,000 cartons of different Coca-Cola products Wil get a rebate in each of the packs of Coca-Cola products bought.

So it is a good business to become Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria.

List of All Coca-Cola Products in Nigeria

Below is the list of all Coca-Cola products in Nigeria.

  • Coke
  • Fanta
  • Sprite
  • Limca
  • Schweeppes
  • Eva Water
  • 5 Alive
  • Monster Energy Drink


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