How To Become Indomie Distributor in Nigeria (2023)

How To Become Indomie Sales Distributor in Nigeria

To Become distributor of indomie noodles in Nigeria is a lucrative business.

How to become indomie noodles distributor

It is highly paying and rewarding financially to start sales of wholesale indomie business in Nigeria.

Indomie instant noodles has become a dominant pastry meal in Nigeria.

It is the most popular and consumed pastry in Nigeria according to numerous online studies.

Despite the existence of numerous other noodles and pastry, indomie has become people favorite in Nigeria loved by children and consumed by adult.

Dufil Prima foods is the parent company that owns indomie noodles in Nigeria.

The sale and distributorship of indomie noodles in Nigeria is fast profit venture.

This is as a result of how fast moving indomie business is in Nigeria.

There are certain requirements for becoming indomie noodles distributor in Nigeria.

How easy the requirements for becoming indomie distributor in Nigeria is depends on how prepared the potential distributor is for wholesale sales of indomie business in Nigeria.

In this article, how-to become indomie noodles distributor in Nigeria will be discussed.

This post will also focus on requirements for indomie distributorship in Nigeria as well as how lucrative wholesale indomie business is in Nigeria.

How To Start Indomie Business in Nigeria

Indomie business in Nigeria can be started under three categories:

Indomie Distributor

Indomie Wholesaler

Indomie Retailer

Indomie Distributor

To Become Indomie distributor entails partnering with Dufil Prima Foods, the parents company of indomie by helping them distribute their products around the country.

Starting this type of indomie business, the business owner will be in direct contact with Dufil Prima foods and will have his stock supplied directly by the company at price stipulated by the company.

Also, by becoming an indomie distributor, business owner will be available to sell all other products of Dufil Prima foods like power oil, minimie chin chin, pure bliss etc.

Indomie Wholesaler (Indomie Sub-Distributor)

To Become indomie wholesaler or sub distributor, business owner will have to attach to a registered distributor and have his stock supplied to him by the indomie registered distributors.

The good thing about being indomie wholesaler is that you can decide to sell only indomie without having other Dufil Prima food products forced on you.

It is also lucrative and profitable to become indomie wholesaler or sub distributor.

Indomie Retailer

Starting indomie business as retailer entails selling sachets of indomie noodles to direct consumers and users.

It is having indomie as part of the stock in the business.

Requirements To Become Indomie Distributor in Nigeria

There are certain requirements and procedures of becoming indomie distributor in Nigeria.

Some of the processes of getting indomie distributorship in Nigeria will be discussed below.

Distributorship Rights

This is the major requirement of becoming indomie distributor in Nigeria.

This means having license and approval to have indomie noodles supplied direct by company as partner in the business.

This is how to get indomie distributor right or license.

The intending distributor will have to visit Dufil Prima foods corporate office at 38, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria to seek for registration as indomie distributor in Nigeria.

Also, intending indomie distributor can have this done for him/her by any registered sales representative of Dufil Prima foods.

The following requirements are considered before getting indomie distributorship in Nigeria.

New Location : The location for the intending distributor must be virgin area not occupied by an existing distributor.

Financial Buoyancy: Intending distributor must be financially buoyant. Being able to deposit a significant amount of money with the company from which his/ her stocks will be supplied.

Sell All Products of Dufil Foods: Distributors must be willing and ready to sell all other products produced by Dufil Prima foods.

Sizeable Warehouse

This is also important for intending distributors of Indomie noodles in Nigeria.

Getting a good and sizeable warehouse in a good and accessible location is important to starting indomie distributorship business in Nigeria.

This warehouse will always be cool and dry so as to keep the products in good conditions.

Logistics: Vehicles & Labour

To Become Indomie Distributor, certain logistics are required such as vehicles for moving the stock as well as labour for onloading and offloading of stock.

It is a very important things that are needed to become indomie distributor in Nigeria.

How Much Can Start Indomie Distributor Business in Nigeria

Money is required to become indomie distributor in Nigeria.

How much that is required to become indomie distributor in Nigeria is determined at Coporate office of Dufil Prima foods.

However, our investigation shows that the amount required to become indomie distributor in Nigeria is above N6 million naira.

This is amount is required to register as distributor of indomie noodles in Nigeria.

However, you will eventually be supplied from the deposited amount.

How Much Can Start Indomie Wholesale (Sub Distributor) Business in Nigeria

There is no specific amount that can be too big to start indomie wholesale business.

Unlike in distributorship where specific amounts are required, in indomie wholesale, no specific amount is needed.

How much amount that can’t start indomie wholesale business is based on how buoyant the wholesaler is.

However, with about N3 million, one can successfully start indomie wholesale business in Nigeria.


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