How to Become Oraimo Distributor Agent in Nigeria

Becoming Oraimo distributor in Nigeria would is easier when you have adequate or big capital.

Price of Oraimo earbuds in Nigeria

It is fact that Oraimo,makers of smart gadgets especially phone accessories have dominated Nigeria phone accessories market.

Most of their products have been identified as being very high quality and of good prices too. Phone accessories and smart gadgets businesses in Nigeria is very lucrative.

This is why you should consider becoming distributor of Oraimo products in Nigeria if you have the capital and the logistics to do so.

Also, being an Oraimo distributor in Nigeria gives you the opportunity to not just make money from the sale of the products but you also receives rebate what we call percentage in Nigeria for every sales made.

As an Oraimo distributor in Nigeria, you are open to free gifts from the tech giants which sometimes can be huge.

This article will provide you with steps and ways of becoming an Oraimo agent distributor in Nigeria.

How To Register for Oraimo Products & Become Distributor in Nigeria

Oraimo is open to partnering with smart and responsible Nigerians who share same vision with the company who can become distributors of Oraimo products.

Already, the company has a very vibrant supply chains and distributors across Nigeria and is open to having more people take up the Oraimo distributorship in Nigeria.

As applicable in most international companies, becoming an Oraimo distributor in Nigeria requires certain process and procedures.

Also, certain conditions must be met and the would be distributor must abide the policy of the company.

Here are Steps on How to Join and become Oraimo distributor in Nigeria.

How to Become Oraimo Dealer in Nigeria

These are ways you can become Oraimo dealer in Nigeria.

Visit Oraimo Headquarters or Contact Marketing Department

The first step towards becoming Oraimo dealer or distributor in Nigeria is to visit Oraimo head office in Lagos or contact their sales and marketing department.

The company usually provides contacts of their staff to contact for getting Oraimo distributor license.

However, if you are not convinced and would want have an official and face to face contact it is important to visit Oraimo Headquarters in Lagos and make the necessary registration. The registration will cover your state, address, official ID etc.

Proof of Capital

You would also need to prove to the company that you have adequate capital needed to take off and operating the Oraimo distributorship.

This Capital would be deposited to the company from which your stock would be supplied. This is norm in most distributorship business in Nigeria.

Provide Haulage for Products

This is also part of requirements for becoming Oraimo distributor in Nigeria.

The company does not take goods and stock directly to their distributors as obtained in some businesses like alcoholic and beverage businesses.

If you want to become Oraimo distributor in Nigeria, you would make an arrangement of how and provide means of getting your supply from the company down to your stores and warehouse.

Buy All Oraimo Products

As a distributor of Oraimo products, you are open to buying all products of the company and it is expected that you help the company reach larger market.

Also, you are expected to help promote and market Oraimo products. These are some of the ways of becoming an Oraimo distributor in Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming Oraimo Distributor in Nigeria

We have complied some of the frequently asked queries by some potential Oraimo distributors in Nigeria.

This is to help answer questions boardering on how to become distributor of Oraimo products in Nigeria.

Can I Become Oraimo Distributor & Sell Other Products?

This is one of the reoccurring questions about becoming Oraimo distributor in Nigeria. Many potential Oraimo distributors are quick to find out if it possible to become Oraimo distributor and sell other products.

This is possible and most Oraimo distributor in Nigeria also engage in sale of other products within same business premises.

The company does not prohibit it’s distributors from selling other brands while being a distributor with Oraimo in Nigeria.

How Much Does Oraimo Pay Distributors in Nigeria?

The rebate of Oraimo in Nigeria which is how much Oraimo pay its distributors in Nigeria is high.

An annoymous source told one of our writers that Oraimo rebate ranges between N100 – N200 per article.

He also noted that some articles especially those of higher prices carries higher rebate amount.

Generally, how much Oraimo pay distributors in Nigeria depends on your ability to meet the company’s set tagret sales.

Hence the total number of all items you bought from the company as a distributor, you will receive rebate for each of them.

So, as an Oraimo distributor you get paid by the number of items you were able to buy from the company within each month.

How Easy is It to Become Oraimo Distributor in Nigeria?

Becoming Oraimo distributor in Nigeria is not difficult to achieve especially if you have the financial resolve.

The company is open to partnering with more Nigerians and tech enthusiasts who would help drive their products in the market and reach bigger customer base.

So, the basic thing that makes it easy to become Oraimo distributor in Nigeria is adequate capital.

How Long Does it Take to Register and Become Oraimo Distributor in Nigeria?

If you are able to meet all the requirements for becoming Oraimo distributor in Nigeria especially the financial party of the requirements, then you can be come a registered Oraimo distributor in Nigeria within 2 months.


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