How To Block MTN SIM Card in Nigeria

There are times need arises and people seek to have their MTN SIM card blocked.

Mostimes this is when one’s phone is stolen, lost or misplaced.

At this point most people will sought to have their MTN SIM card blocked or deactivated so as to forestall identify theft or making authorised access into the SIM card owner’s finances.

Bank accounts are linked to our mobile phone numbers, this makes our mobile phone numbers and SIM cards delicate and all important.

Whenever your phone is stolen or misplaced, we suggest that first action to be taken is to have your SIM card blocked.

However, not many people is aware of simple ways to block SIM cards in Nigeria.

In this article, our focus will be on fastest ways to block MTN SIM cards in Nigeria.

There are numerous ways to perform this task. But we will discuss only the easy and fast steps to block your MTN SIM card in Nigeria.

This is because we are aware of how urgent it becomes whenever there is need for this action to be taken.

Easy & Simple Ways to Block MTN SIM Card

As stated earlier, there are numerous ways to block MTN SIM card number,but we will discuss the easy ones.

This is because we are aware that the need to block SIM card are usually urgent or pressing.

So, from the difference ways to block MTN SIM card, you can choose the one that’s most suited and better for you.

All these processes and how to Block MTN SIM card are all effective and will make your MTN SIM card to be deactivated immediately.Here are ways of blocking your MTN SIM card.

How To Block MTN SIM Card By Dailling 180

This is the easiest and fastest way to deactivate or block MTN SIM card in Nigeria.

The “180” is a toll free line for MTN subscribers in Nigeria who are in need of assistance and may want to speak to MTN customer service representative.

Of all the functions the MTN customer service representative performs, blocking of MTN SIM is one of the most important especially in case of emergency.

If your phone is stolen or misplaced, you can get your SIM card blocked by using another MTN line to reach out to MTN customer service representative on 180 and have them block your SIM card immediately.

This is fast and easy as all it takes is you answering certain simple questions geared towards ascertaining that the SIM card truly belongs to you.

After which your MTN SIM Card will be deactivated pending when your are ready to reactivate it.

How To Block MTN SIM Card By Visiting MTN Office

It is also very possible and easy to block your MTN SIM card by simply walking into MTN Office near you.

At the office, engage and talk to customers service personnel there and inform them of your intention to block or deactivate your SIM card.

They would ask you some know your customer (KYC) questions to ascertain if you truly own the SIM. Afterwards, the MTN representative would deactivated and block your SIM card as you have requested.

This is another way to block your MTN SIM card.

How to Block MTN SIM Card Using IMEI Number

It is also very possible to block and deactivate your MTN SIM card using International Mobile Equipment Identity known as IMEI number.

However, the use of this process is a bit longer and requires more actions.

Every mobile phone has its IMEI number and is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of your phone or by dialing *#06#.

After obtaining the IMEI number of your phone, then, visit any Nigerian Police Force Station closest to you to file a report about your stolen or missing phone.

With your phone’s IMEI number and a copy of your filed police report, you can visit any MTN Office near you to ask that your phone be blocked.

This will compel the staff of MTN to carry out the action of blocking your SIM card using the IMEI you provided them with.

When this is done, anybody that has your stolen or misplaced phone wouldn’t be able to use your MTN SIM card as it will automatically be deactivated.

How To Retrieve MTN SIM Card & Mobile Number

This is samething as documents needed for MTN welcome back.

If you want to retrieve your MTN line or do an MTN welcome back package, there are certain documents that you need and would present at MTN office for you to have your number retrieved successfully.

Here are documents you need for MTN welcome back.

  • Your MTN phone number
  • An affidavit
  • Your SIM pack
  • Three numbers that you frequently call
  • Details of your last recharge
  • NIN Number
  • A valid means of identification

You may not have all these documents at once, but having atleast one of Affidavit, NIN number or SIM pack is very essential for your welcome back to be processed successfully.

With any of these three documents, you can easily have your welcome back function performed by MTN staff.


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