How to Blog for Global/International Audience From Nigeria

This article will focus on how to target global audience as blogger in Nigeria.

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Blogging is rewarding irrespective of the niche and target audience or country.

However, blogging tends to pay more or be more lucrative in certain countries than others as result of Ads clicks in those countries.

The most popular blogging monetization scheme widely used across the world is Google AdSense, an ad network owned by Google.

Many bloggers make most of their revenue from AdSense.

Hence, bloggers go extreme and hard to get approval for AdSense.

Bloggers earn money from AdSense based on cost per click (CPC) and cost per 1000 views which is (RPM).

However, the cost of clicks for AdSense differs based on different countries.

Findings has shown that countries such as USA,UK, Canada, Australia etc always enjoy very high cost per click than third world countries like Nigeria.

AdSense earning in Nigeria is relatively low when compared with most foreign countries.

This is why many bloggers in Nigeria are beginning to target global, foreign and International audience.

Most bloggers in Nigeria that blogs for foreign audience do so to earn high revenues and quality clicks.

Targeting foreign audience as blogger in Nigeria can be daunting and tasky, nevertheless, the rewards and earnings is worth it.

In this post, we will be stating steps on how to blog and target international and foreign audience.

Many bloggers are still asking if it is possible to stay in Nigeria and blog for people in USA,UK, Canada, Australia and other foreign countries.

The anwers to this, is an obvious yes, as the Google and SEO is highly emphatic on content quality.

Apart from quality of content, there are certain steps that you can take to make foreigners find or visit your blog or website easily.

So, this article will give you some important steps that can help you blog for audience in foreign countries from Nigeria.

Steps & Guide on How to Target Global Audience as A Blogger

In this section of the article, we will be looking at how to attract foreign audience to your blog or website.

If you have intension of targeting international or foreign audience with your blog, then it should be planned before setting up the blog or website.

This is because there are certain components of the blogs that needs to be fixed in particular way before the full launch of the blog.

Below are some steps that you can take to make foreign audience vists your blog.

These guide will help your blog appears in Google search in foreign countries like UK and USA.

Choose Top Level Domain Name Extension

This is very important if you want to target foreign or global audience while blogging.

This is why we advised that bloggers with intention of getting foreign audience to their blogs must plan right from time of launching of the blog.

If you plan to reach international audience, it is most advisable that you launch on open top level domain extension like “.com”.

One of the reasons for this is that “.com” is still afforded so much authority by Google.

Moreso, it is a domain extension that is not exclusive to any particular country unlike domain extension like “.ng, .uk, .za” .

So, picking a domain name on “.com” extension is a good step that can help blogger target and reach foreign audience.

Website Description & About Us Page

If you plan to keep your website open to reaching international audience, then how you describe your website and About Us page will matter.

It is not proper to describe your blog as Nigeria audience blog while targeting global audience.

It is always better to describe the blog as global community target blog.

Content Building and Construction

To target foreign audience as blogger in Nigeria, you have to produce content of high quality of international standard.

The competition at international level is very huge and only contents of top quality make it very far.

Also, the content must be an open content on global trend like sports, tech, relationships etc.

You can’t be targeting global audience as a blogger and have your content pinned down to Nigeria.

Example, as tech blog targeting global audience, if you want to make post on best smart watch 2023, it will be limiting to caption your post with “Best Smart Watch in Nigeria”.

With the above caption, the post have become pinned to Nigeria audience.

It will be most appropriate to caption this post as “Best Smart Watch of 2023”, in this way,the article will be open to audience of different countries with interest on best smart watch in the world.

So, if you want to blog for global audience from Nigeria, you must make sure that your content is global in nature.

Avoid pining it down to specific countries. Also,it is important to note that international content must be free of grammatical errors and poor sentences.

Morestill, it must be very detailed and unique too. This is because of the stiff competition that is witnessed in global blogging.

Hosting on Fast Server

When going international in blogging, the best of servers should be used.

Some foreign audience are on fast internet and wants to have their interest pages opened in seconds.

Hence, blog targeting to reach Foreign audience must be on a fast and stable server.

SEO Based Contents

The easiest way for an audience or reader in USA to find a Nigerian hosted website is through search engines.

This is why it is paramount that as blogger in Nigeria that wants to target foreign or global audience, you must produce contents that is search engine compactible and based.

This is obvious because most foreign audience will visit your blog from search engines.

So, you can’t produce poor SEO contents as a Nigerian blogger with interest in foreign or international audience.

It is one of the best ways to reach International or global audience as a blogger in Nigeria.


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