How To Change/Correct Date of Birth on NIN

There are times need arises to either make corrections or change the date of birth on your (NIN) national identity profile which can be assessed through your National Identify Number (NIN).

Requirements and cost of national identity card

A lot of Nigerians have had informations and data on their national identity profile entered in error.

These bio data which are not accurate would always conflict with other data contained in holders banks, certificates etc.

Moreso, national ID card which is now an e-id card facilitated through NIN is the most acceptable means of identification in Nigeria.

So, having any information on your NIN profile being entered in error can be very detrimental.

However, the National Identify Management Commission has opened a window to update some data on your NIN of which date of birth is one of the updatable data on your NIN profiles.

This is not surprising as one of the issues people usually sort about NIN in Nigeria is how to change or correct their age on NIN ID card.

This article will give you a simple procedure and processes of how to change date of birth on your NIN fast.

Change of Date of Birth (Age ) on NIN

To be able to change or make corrections on your date of birth on your NIN, certain supporting documents are required of you.

These documents without which, the action wouldn’t be effectively done or may not be achieved. Here are documents and requirements for change of date of birth on NIN.

Application for Change of Date of Birth on NIN

To initiate change of Age on your NIN ID card, you will have to write an application stating your intentions to effect a change on your date of birth on your NIN ID card.

This is the first step for changing your date of birth on your NIN. The application can be hand written or typed. It should be addressed to DG or Secretary NIMC.

This letter must be signed by the applicant. It must also contain the reason for the change of date of birth.

Payment of 15,000 via Remita

To change date of birth on your NIN, comes with a N15,000 fee payment. This fee must be paid through REMITA at designed banks. This is how much it cost to change date of birth on NIN ID CARD.

Affidavits/ Age Declaration

Also, to change your age on your NIN slip or profile, you need to come along with court affidavits of age or age declaration. This is a statement under oath testifying your correct date of birth and age.

Birth Certificate

Brith certificate is crucial for change of date of birth on your NIN ID card. The most acceptable brith certificate for this operation is birth certificate from Nigeria Population Commission (NPC). This is to reinforce and confirm your correct and actual age and date of birth for NIN correction.

Presentation of NIN Slip

For all modification on on NIN slip including name, date of birth, address etc, the old and already issued NIN slip must be presented. Inotherwords, you will have to go along with your already issued NIN slip in order to change the date of birth on your NIN ID card.

Where Can I Change Date of Birth on my NIN ID Card?

The only place you can change date of birth on your NIN is at National Identify Management Commission offices across Nigeria and at NIMC headquarters.

To effect change on your NIN date of birth,visit any stage NIMC office close to you and file in an application for the cause.

Cost of Changing NIN Date of Birth

How much it cost to change date of birth on NIN ID card is N15,000. This money for changing Age on your NIN ID card is paid into TSA through NIMC facilitated by REMITA.

It is not clear if services fee of N500 will still be charged after payment of N15,000 for change of age on NIN.

It is advisable to have extra cash as you head to NIMC office for this purpose after making payment of the official amount for changing your date of birth on your National Identify Number.


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