How to Change / Reduce Age in Nigeria

This article seek to explain in details the processing of reducing age or how to change age in Nigeria.

The only way to change date of birth in Nigeria is to do it legally.

People engage in age reductions in Nigeria frequently either for employment purposes or for government engagements.

Also, there are people with dispcripancies in their date of birth or age who just want to make corrections and change their age to a correct one.

These are some of the reasons people engage in change of age or age reductions in Nigeria.

Irrespective of the reason for your change of age or reduction of age, it must be done legally for it to be official and accepted in Nigeria.

It is important to note that illegal age reductions or alteration in ones date of birth in Nigeria is an offence which is treated as forgery.

Hence people are advise to reduce their age legally in Nigeria to authenticate it and make it official.

So, in this post, we will review criteria for change of date of birth in Nigeria.

This article will show you ways of reducing your age either for employment in Nigeria or for other official purposes.

Declaration of Age in Nigeria: Requirements & Costs

The only legally accepted way of changing date of birth in Nigeria is through age declaration.

Age declaration is also the official way of reducing age in Nigeria.

Age declaration or Declaration of age is a sworn affidavit that is used to state the birth and age of an individual.

It is an affidavit issued by high court in Nigeria stating the date of birth and age of holders as provided by the holder before a judge.

It is the only legally accepted document showing ones age as stated by the holder.

This is the only official window through which you can correct dispcripancies in your age or DOB, reduce your age or change your age as well as date of birth in Nigeria.

This is why it is a very important activity that is usually done very often.

Requirements for Age Declaration in Nigeria

To be able to successfully carry-out declaration of age in Nigeria, there are certain requirements and documents that should be tendered.

If the age declaration is for a child, the parents of the child will be present and provide the necessary supports, documents and answers as requested by the court.

The following are major requirements for age declaration in Nigeria.

  • Two Passport Photographs
  • Means of Identification: National ID, International Passport
  • Must be Six Years or Older
  • Photocopy of Passport data page of Declarant

These are some of the basic requirements for age declaration in Nigeria. With these, documents, you can easily process your age declaration in Nigeria.

Cost of Age Declaration in Nigeria

The cost of Age declaration in Nigeria is difficult to pin down to a specific price.

This is owing to sharp practices which administrators at high court engage in which is aimed at getting extra money for personal gain.

Hence, it becomes difficult to ascertain the true and official cost of age declaration in Nigeria.

So, how much one pay to get age Declaration in Nigeria varies from different High courts.

Also, the court admin handling the process can also be a factor that decides how much you pay to get age declaration in Nigeria.

However, the cost of obtaining age declaration in Nigeria is between N1500 to N4000.

So how much price to be finally paid is based on the above stated factors.

Ordinarily, declarant is expected to declare his or her age before the judge, but to save time and hasten process, age Declaration in Nigeria is mostly done in absence of the judge.

However, court seal and stamp are used to authenticate the process and make it official and valid through the help of court admins and registrar.

Which Court Does Age Declaration in Nigeria?

Ordinarily, age declaration is a function of the high courts in Nigeria: state and federal high courts.

However, some people because of  proximity, usually obtain the document from other courts such as magistrate court which is still valid.

We are yet to ascertain courts in Nigeria that is officially empowered to issue age Declaration in Nigeria.

Also, courts that issues age declaration affidavits in Nigeria we are aware of is High Courts and Magistrate courts.


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