How To Check/Verify Vehicle Plate Number in Nigeria (2024)

Online Vehicle Plate Number Verification in Nigeria

It is an offense to drive a vehicle without authentic plate number assigned by FRSC in Nigeria.

Plate number verification

Oftentimes, car and vehicle owners are swayed and given fake vehicle plate number in Nigeria by some vehicle licensing and plate number agents in Nigeria.

Most times, victims of this ugly phenomenon only get to know after they have been apprehended either for use of fake vehicles plate number or theft of plate number in Nigeria.

In other to avoid the ugly situation and improve checks and use of authentic vehicle plate numbers, an online verification and check of vehicle plate number in Nigeria was introduced by FRSC.

The essence is that vehicle owners can easily check and verify the authenticity of their vehicle plate numbers with little or no stress.

In this article, we will be discussing the process of checking of vehicle plate number in Nigeria.

How To Check / Verify Authenticity of Vehicle Plate Number in Nigeria

There are certain ways of verifying or checking authenticity of vehicle plate number in Nigeria.

This vehicle plate number verification process in Nigeria can be done through FRSC website or through SMS.

Below is the easiest and fastest way to check and verify vehicle plate number in Nigeria.

It is important that you carry out a check or verification of your vehicle plate number especially when the Procurement is given or contracted to an agent.

This will save vehicle owners from finding themselves in an embarrassing situation with FRSC officials and Vehicle Inspections Officers (VIO).

Here are some processes and procedures of verifying vehicle plate number in Nigeria.

These are two major ways of checking car plate numbers in Nigeria.

Vehicle Plate Number Online Verification in Nigeria

If you want to check the status or verify the authenticity of your vehicle plate number, here is the way to do it online.

  • Open your browser and log onto Federal Road Safety Commission’s National Vehicle Identification System at
  • You will discover a text field provided, enter your “New Number Plate” registration number in the text field provided
  • Click on submit button or icon provided on the page

After competing the process, you will discover the status of the plate number as relates to the owner of the vehicles, date of plate number issuance.

Vehicle Plate Number SMS Verification in Nigeria

You can also verify or check vehicle plate number in Nigeria through following these simple steps.

Using your sms mobile feature, send details on the following format: type and send “VERIFYPLATENO number on the vehicle plate and send to 33324” .

Example of the sms vehicle number verification is given below “VERIFYPLATENO NEN345BC” then send to code “33324”.

These are simple ways of checking ot verifying plate number In Nigeria.

Other Ways of Checking Vehicle Plate Number in Nigeria

Apart from the above ways of check or verifying plate numbers in Nigeria, vehicle owners can also conduct or walk in for vehicle plate number verification at any station or office of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) or Vehicle Inspections Officers.

These are two major places where plate number checks and verification can also be done in Nigeria.


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