How To Do Court Marriage in Nigeria (2024)

Court Wedding in Nigeria: Procedures & Requirements 

Court or civil marriage is one of the major types of marriages in Nigeria. Others being Religious and Customary marriages.

How to get court weddings in Nigeria

No matter the type of marriage couples decides to get, most important nucleus of the marriage is love and acquisition of marriage certificate.

Court marriage is getting more popular in Nigeria as more couples are beginning to adopt civil marriage and tieing of knot at the court.

Engaging in Court marriage and wedding in Nigeria has been reduced by religious marriages.

There is no doubt that Nigeria is a highly religious nation and most of its activities revolve around religion.

However, court marriage has gained more popularity among Nigeria couples and intending couples. This is also known as marriage at registry.

Some couples in Nigeria now engage both in religious and court marriage. This shows how well people have come to accept court marriages in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be discussing court marriage in Nigeria.The easy and fast way to know how to perform court marriage in Nigeria is to visit any local government close to you.

Specifically, we will be focusing on procedures and processes of court marriage in Nigeria as well as advantages of court marriage in Nigeria.

Court Marriage in Nigeria: Also Known as Civil Marriage

Court or civil marriages takes place as marriage registry of a state.

In Nigeria, marriage registry can be found at all states of federation.

In otherwords, couples intending to undergo court marriage need not to travel out of their states of residency.

Court Marriage Requirements in Nigeria

Below are requirements and procedures of getting married in court in Nigeria.

Declaration of Marriage

This is the very first stage of getting married in court in Nigeria. The intending couples have to declare that they are willing and ready to get married in the court.

By this, the intending couples fills A form that captures their bio data details including name, age, address etc.

The form for marriage declaration must be accompanied by two coloured passport photographs.

If either of the couple or the both couples are minors, then a letter of consent from parents must be all attached to the forms.

Marriage Notice

The registry will at this point announce about the intending and upcoming marriage by posting the marriage notice on a notice board at the registry for 21 days. This is so as to entertain any objections.

Filling of Form C

If at the end of 21 days marriage notice and no objection was brought forward concerning the upcoming marriage, the registrar will issue form C to the intending couples.

The form C will be issued if the couples meets the following conditions:

  • Absence of any lawful impediments to the wedding.
  • If either of the parties to the marriage is not married to someone else under customary law.
  • That one of the parties to the marriage has been resident within the district where the marriage is to take place.

Affidavits of Oaths

Following the elapse of 21 days marriage notice, the intending couples will approach the court for official marriage ceremony.

The intending couples will be expected to fill the following forms: Affidavit form, Prohibited Degree form and information slip.

This will help the registry get appropriate information about intending couples.

The intending couples fill and submit the forms to registry and depose to an affidavit declaring that all the information supplied are true and correct.

Following the declaration of Oaths, the parties are expected to pick a date for the marriage ceremony in the registry.

Court Marriage Ceremony Day

On the day of the marriage ceremony, the intending couple are expected to do the following :

  • The intending couples are to be accompanied to the Marriage Registry with the witnesses or any person(s) they require to be present on the day.
  • The intending couples and their witnesses will be required to sign the marriage certificate.
  • One original copy of the marriage certificate shall be given to the newly wedded couple.

Advantages of Court Marriage in Nigeria

Court marriage in Nigeria has some advantages and benefits. Some of the benefits of court weddings in Nigeria are:

Its Cheap

Court Wedding in Nigeria is very cheap and saves money. It devoid of extravagance associated with some customary and Religion marriages.

Less Stress

It saves couples times and stress that comes with planning big weddings and ceremony. Court marriage mostly have in attendance close families and buddies.

Its Fast

Court marriage is fast and takes minutes to get completed unlike religious and customary marriage which can last all day long.


Court marriage bequeath more security on the couples. The couples can only get into another marriage through getting a divorce.

No Dress Code

At court weddings, couples are at liberty to dress in whatever attire that makes them comfortable and happy. Same can’t be said of some religious and customary marriage.


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