How to Find Jobs in Switzerland as Foreigner

Living and working in Switzerland is a dream come true for many foreigners. This is because of the financial and social benefits that the European country offers.

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Apart from the beautiful valleys and mountains of Switzerland, one of the most enticing thing about the country its it’s standard of living and wage.

Hence, many foreigners consider working and living in Switzerland a privilege and huge. In this article, we will be discussing how you can land your dream job in Switzerland.

This post will also provide answers to questions relating to living and working in Switzerland: type of job in demand in Switzerland as well as major Switzerland job websites.

So, below are some of the frequently asked queries about Switzerland jobs you can get easily as foreigner.

How is Job Market in Switzerland?

One of the first questions foreigners who wants to come live and work in Switzerland are quick to ask is “Are there jobs in Switzerland”.

This is one of the first subject matter about jobs and working in Switzerland we would want to discuss.

Empirical data has shown that Switzerland has one of the best job markets in Europe with five million employed people as at the year 2020.

When this is compared with the country’s population, it showed that over 70% of the country’s population is working population. So this confirms availability of jobs in Switzerland.

Data also shows that service sector employs the majority of the working population in Switzerland. Hence service roles is the major job in demand in Switzerland.

How Good is Salary & Wages in Switzerland?

One of the most enticing thing as a foreigner who is about to work in Switzerland is wage and salary.

You would be encountering some of the world’s highest wage and salary cap. The Gross Median Wage in Swiss is 6,354CHF per month.

This makes salary and wages in Switzerland very attractive and enough to carter for cost of living and have some savings as well.

How Can I Find Job in Switzerland as Foreigner

Best and easy way to finding a job in Switzerland as foreigner is to use online job channels. It is very possible to land job in Switzerland from your home country as foreigner.

This entails you have your CV tailored to Switzerland style and making a hunt and applications through the major job opening websites in Switzerland.

Generally, it is always challenging to you are looking to land a job in a country as foreigner but it is always possible as many foreigners who work and live in Switzerland, landed their jobs from their home countries.

To get job as foreigner in Switzerland, you have to be consistent in your job hunt and send in many applications as possible for roles in which you are qualified for.

There’s a good number of foreigners working in Switzerland which shows that the European country is immigration friendly, however, qualifications and experience are some of the parameters which could help to get job easier as foreigner is Switzerland.

What are Switzerland’s best job websites? Below are best websites to find job openings in Switzerland.

Switzerland’s Best Job Websites

There are couple of job websites in Switzerland of which the following job websites stand out as Switzerland’s top and best job websites.

Switzerland CV/Resume Writing Style

This section of the article will provide tips on how to write Switzerland CV/Resume pattern and style. This would help foreigners seeking for jobs in Switzerland to tailor their curriculum vitae to Swiss style. Here is how to write Switzerland CV/ Resume pattern.

Include personal information; full name, date of birth, gender, contact information (phone number, email).

  • Mention your higher education and university qualifications, degree certificate, and the location where you received it.
  • List your past work experience and all the tasks you were given in each position.
  • Make sure to tailor your CV according to the job position you’re applying for; the information in the CV has to be relevant to the company that will be reading it.
  • Include references with contact information.
    Be as concise as possible.
  • Briefly mention your skills, hobbies, and language proficiency.

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