How to Get Access Bank Statement of Account Online

Oftentimes, need arises for a customer to get their bank statement or to have a preview of their bank statements of account.

Bank’s transactions can be disputed or used to make a case and this is one of the importance of having access to bank’s statement.

Normally, banks in Nigeria provide accounts statement upon its request.

Traditionally, to get bank statement of account in Nigeria, people visits their respective banks and apply to have statement of account covering a specific periods processed.

This can take a long process, time consuming and frustrating too joined with some charges.

However, e-banking or online banking has made retrieval of bank’s account statement in Nigeria easy and seamless.

Morestill, in the past, banks do charge customers to process account statement in hard copy but currently, the service can be processed free from comfort of homes and offices.

There are numerous reasons why one could request for bank statements of account and this includes informational purposes, travel purposes and business needs.

Currently, visiting banking hall to get bank statement of account is no longer an option for many as there are now many windows and ways to get bank’s account statement online and without visiting the bank.

So, this has improved the ease of doing business and also makes obtaining bank’s account statement fast and easy too.

Because of how demanding and need to access bank statement of account from time to time, we decided to put together, the best and easy ways on how to get Access Bank statement of account.

Access Bank is one of the Nigeria’s biggest and largest bank with offices across the country.

Hence it is imperative that we provide a guide for its teeming customers who might be seeking for how to get statement of account of Access Bank online.

This post will give your knowledge of how to get your Access bank statement of account online by not going to the bank.

So, you will discover channels of how to get your bank statement of account fast and free on your phone.

How to Get Access Bank Statement of Account Online

There are different ways to request and get Access Bank’s account statement on your phone and online.

Some of these easy ways of retrieving Access Bank’s account statement will be discussed further down this post.

How to Get Access Bank Account Statement By E-Mail

You can request Access bank statement of account by using your bank’s registered email to mailing Access Bank customer care email address which is .

To do this effectively make sure that duration to be covered in the account statement should be included in the email.

The Access Bank email account statement is free of charge.

This is one of the ways you can get Access Bank statement of account fast on your phone without visiting the bank.

How to Get Access Bank Account Statement Through Mobile App

Access Bank mobile application is another easy way to obtain the bank’s account statement without having to visit the bank premises.

If you have Access Bank Mobile App, you can get your account statement seamlessly.

Simply Open Access Bank mobile app, click on generate statement icon and choose period and a receiving email address.

The statement of account will be sent to the choosen email within seconds.

How to Get Access Bank Account Statement Using Ussd Code

It is also easy and fast to get Access Bank’s statement of account using the bank’s designated Ussd Code.

To get the bank account statement using code, follow this process.

  • Ensure your mobile line is linked to your Access Bank account.
  • Dial the ussd code *901# on the mobile line linked to your bank account.
  • Select the fourth menu using the number 4 and click send.
  • To gain access to inquiry services, you would be required to select 4 once again.
  • At this time, you are directed to a new list of menus. Select 1, to request your mini bank statement.

Ensure you follow through instructions carefully, and details of your mini bank statement would be sent to your phone.

How to Get Access Bank Statement of Account Through WhatsApp

Access Bank statement of account can also be gotten through instant messaging messenger, WhatsApp.

This will also afford you opportunity to get Access Bank account statement online.

To obtain access bank account statement using WhatsApp following these processes below.

  • First Add this phone number to your phone book :+2349090901901.
  • Locate your WhatsApp contact list and refresh to spot the newly saved phone number.
  • Type the word ‘Hi’ and send it to the newly saved phone number.
  • A menu then appears prompting you to select an option.
  • Then select the register option and follow through the registration process which requires inputting your first name, last name, email address, account number.
  • Once the registration is complete, you will be asked to know if you require further help. Now you can quickly place a request to retrieve your bank statement. This will be forwarded to the registered email address associated with your account number.

These are some of the smart ways to get Access Bank statement of account without visiting the bank’s branch.

These channels also makes it easy to get Access Bank’s statement of account online and through your phone too.


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