How to Get Dollar Card in Nigeria & Cost

This article will review the process of getting either US dollar MasterCard or dollar Visa card in Nigeria.

The central Bank of Nigeria on 31st January 2022, put an end to the use of Naira debit cards for international and foreign currency transactions.

This policy has left a lot of people with option of getting dollar debit card.

If you are heavily engaged into online purchase from international websites or has need to pay abroad bills or fees especially in foreign currency, like application for schools or school fees, then you need to procure US dollar card in Nigeria.

Oftentimes, people are skeptical about requesting and getting dollar cards in Nigeria because of numerous reasons of which charges is top of it.

Nevertheless, dollar cards in Nigeria are to very cheap and it’s maintenance also cheap as well.

If you are in Nigeria and have plans of applying for schools abroad, it is important to get dollar card as it will help facilitate the process faster and easier right from application stage to tuition deposit payments etc.

Getting dollar card in Nigeria is very easy and cheap provided you meets the requirements and follows the required process.

Cost of Getting US Dollar Card in Nigeria

Dollar cards are simply ATM cards that process only dollar and foreign currency payments. They can be used to withdraw or deposit dollar across the globe.

It is surprising what dollar MasterCard or dollar VisaCard costs in Nigeria. The average cost of getting dollar debit card in Nigeria is between N1000 to N1500.

This price varies from bank to bank. However most banks charges this price range. GTBank for example charges just N1000 for its dollar card.

Moreso, this cost of getting dollar card can be paid in Naira or dollar equivalent. So, you can choose to either pay for your dollar card in naira or in dollars.

This how much it cost to apply and get dollar card from most commercial banks in Nigeria.

Requirements for Getting Dollar Card in Nigeria

The requirements for getting dollar card is Nigeria is very similar for almost all commercial banks in Nigeria.

There isn’t much difference on the process and requirements for getting dollar card from banks such as GTBank, Zenith bank, Fidelity bank,UBA and Access Bank. These are requirements and how to apply and get dollar card in Nigeria.

Open a Domiciliary Account

This is the major requirements for getting dollar enabled ATM card in Nigeria. You are expected to have a dollar account with the bank you want to get their dollar card.It is this dollar account that the dollar card will be linked to.

Apply & Fill Form for Dollar Card Application

Having opened a dollar account also known as Domiciliary account, apply and fill out forms requesting for a dollar card of your choice which can be dollar MasterCard or dollar VisaCard.

Pay for Dollar Card Application

After filling out form for dollar card application, you need to indicate how you wish to pay for the cost of the dollar card. This can be from dollar in your Domiciliary account or from Naira in your Naira account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Dollar Card in Nigeria

We will use this segment to answer some questions frequently asked concerning getting dollar cards in Nigeria.

Can I Get Dollar Card in Nigeria without Having Dollar Account?

No, to apply and get dollar debit card in Nigeria, you must have a dollar account also known as Domiciliary account which your dollar card would be linked to.

How Much Does Banks Charge for Dollar Card per Month?

Most banks in Nigeria does not charge monthly for dollar card use in Nigeria but annually. Also, the annual maintenance and charge for dollar card is very low amongst majority of commercial banks in Nigeria. Most banks charges average of $10 annually for dollar card maintenance.

Can I Use Dollar Card for Pounds Payments?

Yes, it is possible to pay for pounds and Euros payments using dollar cards in Nigeria. The card is used to process all international transactions that involves foreign currency especially US dollar,Pounds and Euros.

How Secured is Dollar ATM Card in Nigeria

United States dollar cards are very safe and secured for transactions both in and outside Nigeria provided they were issued by a commercial bank in Nigeria. Also, keep details of the card safe as well.


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