How to Get Electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

This article will give you an insight on how to get or buy electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria.

How to recharge Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

Many Nigerian electricity consumers are still on post paid mode of electricity consumption.

These categories of people are referred to unmetered consumers or customers. Critics has continued to advocate that electricity distribution companies make available prepaid meter to all their customers, in a bid to stop estimated billing.

Nevertheless, majority of electricity consumers are still in estimation billiing which is characterized with over billings and task force checks. With the above situations, many Nigerian electricity consumers are beginning to order and embrace prepaid electricity meters.

This is what neccessitated this post as it geared towards providing readers with tips on how to order and get prepaid meter in Nigeria.

Is Electricity Prepaid Meter Free in Nigeria?

Before now, federal government under its MAP programme for aggressive metering of Nigerian electricity consumers engages in free installation of prepaid meter for electricity consumers.

However, this situation is not obtainable any more. Electricity Prepaid Meter is not free in Nigeria and is paid for.

How Much you paid for electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria depends on the number of meter phase you are buying.

Single phase meter is the cheapest of electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria and cost around N70,000 while 3 phase meter is more expensive prepaid meter in Nigeria and cost about N150,000.

How Fast & Easy to Get Electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria?

It is a lot easier and faster now to order and get your electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria.

Upon application and payment for meter, consumers are metered within 10 working days. I most cases, upon payment, the meter is installed within weeks from the time of payment.

How to Get Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

The only way to get electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria is to apply for it through the websites of your electricity distribution companies.

Every electricity distribution company in Nigeria has a website and a section for prepaid meter applications. After application on the webpage, a remita is generated for payment of the meter.

Once the payment for meter is made, customer can expect their meters to be installed within shortest possible time.

So, this article on how to get prepaid meter covers all Electricity distribution companies like, EKO Electricity Distribution Company, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, Benin Electricity Distribution Company, Abuja Electricity Distribution Company and others.

Here is steps on how to get electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria.

Need to apply for a prepaid meter? The following steps will put you on the right track to getting metered.

1. Visit website page of your electricity distribution company with a valid account number ( found on your electricity bill) and get registered.

2. Registered customers are batched for metering and notified via SMS.

3. Site survey is carried out to determine customer’s metering requirements.

4. Meter is installed.

Other Ways to Get Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

You can visit customers service office of your electricity distribution company with your account number which can be found on your previous electricity bills.

The customer service representative would carry out the online prepaid meter applications on your behalf.

Remita would be generated for you to make payment with depending on the meter phase requested.
After which other process as noted earlier would follow.


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