How to Get Secondary/ High School Transcript & Cost in Nigeria

The tradition of applying or getting high school or secondary school transcripts in Nigeria is not a popular one.

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This is because Nigeria’s universities and post-secondary school academic institution hardly request for secondary school transcript.

However,same cannot be said for post-secondary academic institutions abroad especially for schools in Europe and North America.

Because of unpopular use of secondary school transcript as requirements for admission into post-secondary school in Nigeria, many Nigerians ignorantly refer to high/ secondary school transcript as O’ level results i.e WAEC or NECO certificate.

Many Nigerians graduates got to know what high school transcript in Nigeria is or what it looks like at the point of applying for post-secondary school abroad.

This is because it is one of the major requirements for admission into post-secondary schools abroad.

In this blog post, we will discuss what high/secondary school transcript is in Nigeria.

We are interchangeably using high school or secondary school because it is equivalent.

In Nigeria we popularly use the term secondary school while abroad it is referred to as high school.

Also to be contained in this article is how to apply and get secondary school transcript in Nigeria as well as the cost of applying & getting high or secondary school transcript in Nigeria.

Is High School Transcript Same As WAEC Certificate in Nigeria?

Oftentimes, many international school applicants out of ignorance refer or take secondary school transcript to be WAEC or NECO certificate.

This is not so and in this segment of the article we will explain what secondary or high school transcript is in Nigeria.

High school transcript is a document containing all your secondary school academic achievements.

It can further contain all the academic and extracurricular activities you were engaged in throughout your stay in the secondary school.

In simpler terms, it shows all your termly results from JSS1 to SS3 and well as other activities you partook in during your school years as well as remarks from your principal and teacher.

It is neither your WAEC certificate results nor your NECO certificate. High school transcript is purely property of your secondary school and you.

Hence the template for high school transcript is different from school to school. WAEC or NECO certificate is simply qualification obtained at the end of your high school in Nigeria.

How to Get Secondary School Transcript in Nigeria

Getting and applying for secondary school transcript in Nigeria starts with you visiting or contacting your secondary school for preparation of the document.

Most secondary schools in Nigeria do not have template for transcript.

Hence some design one upon request. It is important that you reach out to your school earlier as it could take a while to have the document and results collated and ready.

It would definitely cost you some money to process and get your transcript.

All these you would find out during your contact with your secondary school.

Some school might require you present your o’level certificate as a way of being sure the students isn’t owing school and was cleared upon graduation.

More importantly, have contact with the school secretary who would inform you of the availability of the transcript.

Also, if it is an official transcript, it should be duly signed by school principal with the school official stamp and seal.

You can ask the school to send directly using school official mail address to your desired destination or collect sealed hard copy and send by yourself to desired destination or school.

Cost of Getting Secondary School Transcript

How much it cost to get secondary school transcript in Nigeria is relative. It is at the discretion of schools to put a price for getting transcript from their institution.

From our survey, most secondary schools in Nigeria charge between N10,000 to N25,000 to have your transcript prepared and delivered to you.

Additional cost can be incurred if the school would undertake the delivery of the transcript.

How Long Does it Take to Get Secondary Transcript in Nigeria

There is no specific or stipulated time frame it takes to get your high school or secondary school transcript in Nigeria.

How much time it takes for your transcript to be ready is largely decided by your secondary school.

It is the school that determines how much time it would take them to have your Nigeria high school transcript ready and available for pickup.

So, you can plead to them to hasten the process for you to meet up with a deadline.


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