How To Make Money As a Blogger

It is very feasible and possible to make money as blogger provided blogging rules and guide is applied and followed.

How to make money from blogging

Despite the fact that many bloggers have achieved financial gains through blogging, many people still find it hard to believe of how possible it is to make money through blogging.

We are in the era where people make money online and one of the best ways of making money online is through blogging.

Blogging is high paying in Nigeria and in dollars too. So we can rightly say that blogging is profitable and lucrative in Nigeria. People can blog as a full time job in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing how to start a blog and make money passively and actively.

This article will shed light on many issues concerning making money as a blogger.

Some of the blogging FAQ we will discussing in this post include but not limited to: which is the highest paying and best blogging niche?, is blogging a good way to make money? and how to create a blog and earn money.

To make money through blogging is tasky as blogging requires dedication, consistent and creativity.

It is not enough to create a blog and publish articles.

Every blog must have a target readers these are people that will form the major traffic source for the blog and inturn bring in revenues.

However, the hard work required in blogging comes as well with handsome rewards as blogging can give blogger opportunity to earn money passively while working remotely.

So, read through this article to discover how to make money from blogging in different niches.

How to Start a Blog

How to create a blog is much simple than the actual blogging.

Before starting a blog, blogger must decide the essence of the blog and the future of the blog.

Questions like Is it a blog for generating revenue or fun blog? Should be asked with answers provided.

These will help the intending blogger determine the type of blog to start and how best to host the blog.

When setting up a blog, you can either use a free blogging platform or create your own website. We will talk about these two ways of creating blogs.

1. Free Blogging Platforms

These are blogging platforms which gives bloggers easy access to start publishing of their articles after registering on the platform.

Advantage of free blogging platform is that is easy and fast to set up and use.

It is best for causal bloggers who blog for fun and not necessarily for revenue.

However, free blogging platforms has some disadvantages which is that it has limitations on images and videos uploads and customisations.

Ads and links are heavily regulated on this type of blogging platforms and the Platforms retain right to take down the blog.

Another cons of this blogging platform form is that the name of your blog will always be attached with the platform like “”with the platform branding.

So ,what this means is that making money with this type of blog will be limited and wouldn’t be hugely liberal.

Below is the list of the best online blogging platforms to host a blog. – This is one of the best free blogging platform and it is a free basic blog hosting service that is easy to use.

You will have to put up with WordPress ads and branding unless you pay a monthly fee and you can’t put ads on your site.

There are also limited options for customisation and expansion. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most used free blogging platform around.

Blogger – Google’s free blog hosting service, Blogger, is really simple to use. It’s a good site to host a blog in.

But, the customisation and design options are very limited, and there aren’t a lot of options if you want to add new features. It is another good free online blogging platform.

Medium – With Medium, the emphasis is on the writing rather than design.

It is used by lots of journalists, writers and experts and is a great way to share your work with a particular community.

You can’t run any ads and it’s difficult to create your own personal branding. However, medium gives you the platform to blog and publish your works online.

2. Create a Website

Creating a personal paid website is one of the best ways of starting a blog for purpose of making money.

The major advantage of creating own website for blogging is that it gives the blogger complete control as ads and links are not restricted and controlled.

However, it has a disadvantage which is that you will be paying for both domain name and hosting unlike in free blogging platforms.

Creating own website can look tasky to those who are not tech savvy,in that case, the intending blogger can contract web developer to create a website for him or her.

It is also easy to learn how to create websites freely online.

Choosing Blog Niche / Topic

One of the ways to starting a blog is by picking a blog niche.

This is the area where the blog will center or major in. It is preferable that one pick a blog niche where they are authority in and enjoys.

It important that the niche must be easy for blogger to create topics on and create an identity for his / her blog.

Picking a blog niche is all as important as the blogging art.

It is where some new bloggers get it wrong at this stage by starting out a blog in topic / niche they know very little about and they are not passionate about.

This on long run leads to less productivity and less or non revenue generation.

So when choosing a niche for a new blog, consider these factors when trying to find how best to pick the best blogging topic or niche.

Review Other Blogs– This is important when choosing a blogging niche.

Looking at other websites will give your opportunity to fine-tune your thoughts. You see what other bloggers are doing and the gap that exists.

Consider your Passions & Interests– The blogging niche you will pick must be a topic you should be happy and easy to discuss.

Consider your Audience– Because traffic is the life of any blog, you should consider niche with available and high audience base. Like music, relationships, tech etc.

Use Google– Google can as well help you in choosing your blogging niche through auto complete search and suggested search.

With this you will be able to discover most searched topics and tilt your blog niche towards that direction.

Appealing Topics– in choosing best niche for blogging, your target readers is very important. To be put into cognizance is the topics that appeals to the target readers.

Consult Forums – Online forums is where people go to share their views and advises on certain topics.

Visiting forum can get one acquainted with topics people are searching for online and from there build on and choose a good blogging niche that will pay good money.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

To be able to make money from a blog, the traffic of the blog must reasonably high.

In fact, in blogging, the higher the traffic the higher the money a blogger can make.

There are many ways to bring in traffic to a blog and some of the method of bringing traffic to a new blog will be provided.

So there certain ways and what to do make have high traffic in your blog.

Below are some proven ways and methods to draw and improve traffic in blogs.

Quality Contents

One of the proven ways of generating traffic to a blog is through publications of quality and original contents.

Quality above quantity is the rules of blogging traffic. Articles that are helpful, informational, inspirational will naturally attract audience and traffics to a blog.

Create Content of Interest to Public

Be it news or information blog, contents that is trendy and of public interest is one of the fast ways to generate traffic for a blog.

Millions of searches are going on daily with people spending most of their free time in their mobile gadgets.

Contents that appeals to the public is a sure way to bring traffic to a blog.

Linking to Other Blogs

Having your blogs linked with other blogs can also help increase the traffic needed for monetization and improve revenue of a blog.

Share on Social Media

Another good way to draw traffic to a blog is through social media shares and awareness.

Sharing your blog’s publications on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is one of the good ways to increase traffic in your blogs fast. You can also advertise about your blog on social media.

How to Make Money From Blogging

After setting up a blog and with presence of reasonable traffic, then you can actually start thinking of making money from the blog.

To make money as blogger, certain means can be adopted and followed for blog monetization.

There are different ways ways of making money from blogging.

Some of the best ways to make high earnings from blogging will be discussed below. Here are ways you can earn dollars with blog.

Blogging Monetisation Through Ad Networks

Ad networks affords bloggers opportunity to make money in blogging organically.

Ad networks are companies that facilitate online advertising such as AdSense, Ezoic,Adcash etc.

A blogger can apply to any of these Ad networks to have them run ads on his blog in exchange revenues based on CPC or CPM.

It is one of the most popular way of making money from blogging.

Ad network like AdSense, Adcash allows bloggers to make money passively and in dollars too. This how most bloggers make money and earnings.

Making Money in Blogging Through Sponsored Posts

It is also possible to make money in blogging by writing sponsored posts and contents.

It is a good monetisation way in blogging. Here the blogger writes an article and publish in his or her blog about product or services while the company of the products or service pays the blogger for such service.

It is another popular means of earning money in blogging. This can also be in form of writing advertorial in a blog.

Affiliate Marketing on the Blog

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn or improve blogging earnings.

What affiliate marketing is in blogging simply had to do with referral.

Here the bloggers makes honest review of a products or services and can recommend the audience to patronise such products and services by giving them a link to the product or service providers.

If any audience goes ahead to patronise such service or product through the bloggers link, commission will be paid to the blogger.

It is very popular among bloggers in special fields and is way of monetising a blog.

Ad Banner Adverts to your Blog

You can as well make cool money in blogging by having brands advertise on your blog for an agreed amount.

Banner adverts are highly sought after by advertisers. This is because it is the most visible part of the blog.

Hence brands approach blog’s with high traffic for a paid banner adverts . This gives blogger opportunity to earn and make money using his or her blog.

Direct Blog Advertising

Brands and services providers can contact a blogger directly for an advertising deals.

This is usually done when the site is seen as having massive and high traffic as well as influence on a particular field.

Also the niche can also attract direct ads for a blogger and this will also help the blogger earn money.

Holding Blog Coaching Classes

Having experience in blogging and being a successful blogger can afford one opportunity to become a coach in blogging.

Around the world people pay huge to learn blogging. This is one ways to make money through blogging.

Is it Possible to Make Big Money from Blogging?

It is obvious that it feasible to make it big through blogging.

How much one can make from blogging is relative as factors such as quality of traffic and location of traffic are some of the things that determine how much money you can make from blogging.

Having a high traffic is the basic of what to do to make money from blogging.

So, there are many professionals who are making it big through blogging.

Blog earnings comes in passively and through other means. People make big money from blogging as many advertisers now target online audience.

People spend so much time on the internet and blogs serves as channels through which advertisers reach out and get their goods and services advertised to the people spending time online.

How Many Page Views Do You Need to Make Money On a Blog?

How many page views needed to make money from a blog is question for those willing to monetize through ad networks such as Adcash, AdSense etc.

The number of page views that guarantee earning on a blog is relative and dependent on the Ad network and also policy of location of the blog.

Ad network like AdSense requires about 1000 and above page views to earn money on a blog.

This can also differ from other ad networks. Also, the page views needed to earn money from AdSense also differ based on your location and country.

What Do Bloggers Usually Do to Make Money?

What bloggers do to earn money is very simple and not a rocket science.

We will do a listing of what pays bloggers money from blogging. Here is how bloggers earn money.

  1. Bloggers earn money by having people advertise on their blogs direct or indirect
  2. Bloggers also make money through selling of products on their blogs
  3. Another way bloggers monetize their blogs is by writing and publishing paid articles for clients
  4. Bloggers make money by earning commission on products bought through recommendation from their blogs and websites.

Highest Paying Blog Niche

The best niche for blogging is not easy to pickup out because no blogging niche can be said to be superior or more lucrative.

Every blogging niche has its audience and so has revenue generation potential.

However,from our survey of 59 active bloggers, on their pick of high best niche for blogging,the following results were returned for the top 5 best blogging niche.

  • News Blogging Niche
  • Tech Blogging Niche
  • Health Blogging Niche
  • Sports Blogging Niche
  • Music Blogging Niche

These niches for blogging were rated high as the best niche in blogging that generates money fast and easily.


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