How to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook isn’t just one of the world’s most used social media platforms, but a reliable social media platform to make money online.

How to make money from Facebook

Reports and statistics has it that Facebook has about 2.9 billion active monthly users which makes it the world most used online social media network.

Hence, Facebook is very attractive to both individuals and businesses as means of making money.

The ever online presence of high population of people on social networks such as Facebook has left companies, businesses and individuals upping their social networks advertising and promotions budgets.

It’s 2023 and many people are still asking how possible is it to make money from Facebook?.

This is not surprising because vast population of Facebook users use the social media network mostly for social interactions, information gathering and leisure.

Many Facebook users are yet to exploit the vast potential of the Facebook social network especially using Facebook to make money.

However, a good number of users are beginning to see through the potential of Facebook and how possible it is to make money on the Facebook platform.

Making money through Facebook is real and possible, however it demands creativity, dedication and consistency.

To make money passively or organically using Facebook, users will have to strictly abide by policies for Facebook monetization policies.

Nevertheless, there are many other ways to make money on Facebook that is not organic and devoid of Facebook monetization page policy.

Competition for Facebook monetization can be tasky and challenging as result of the size of the Facebook community.

It is the large size of Facebook community however that makes its monetization feasible and huge.

This article will take care of questions boardering on how to earn money on Facebook.

We will help you discover step by step and guide of what to do to make money on Facebook.

Guide & Requirements To Earn Money on Facebook

To be able to make or earn money on Facebook, certain steps and activities must be performed.

Facebook earnings are not easy to come by, however dedication, creativity and persistence is very important and key while striving and working to earn from Facebook.

There are basic things you must do to stand chance to make money on the social media network.

Some of these activities on Facebook that can help users earn money are discussed below:

Create Facebook Page

This is one of the basic ways to stand a chance to earn money from Facebook.

Facebook affords users opportunity to created and managed pages where a particular niche or topic can always be discussed and published for the digest of the followers.

Creating a Facebook page is easy and can be done in minutes. However, getting as many Facebook users as possible to like and follow the page is usually challenging and daunting.

This is where the quality of your content can become helpful and important.

Facebook users naturally like and follow pages that they believe can add value and gratifications to their social network needs.

So, the best and easiest way to grow a Facebook page is to publish interesting contents that can be appealing and fulfilling to users.

Having a Facebook page of high likes and followers is good sign of having potential to make money from Facebook.

Just keep the page lively and consistent with contents and watch people like and follow the page without being asked.

Create Facebook Groups

Facebook group is another very popular feature of Facebook which if well harnessed can afford users opportunity to make money from Facebook.

Facebook is similar to Facebook page, however Facebook group can be open or close ended.

In creating Facebook groups, friends can be invited to join the group as well as other users.

It is like a community of Facebook users bound together under topic or field.

Creating a Facebook group gives you opportunity to have a community of Facebook users within the social network.

If the number of members of the Facebook group is high and growing, then it can give the admin or the owner of the Facebook group opportunity to earn money from the Facebook app.

Unlike in Facebook page, in Facebook group, the admin or owner of the group is not solely incharge of producing contents for the group.

It is more of forum like interactions where everyone can share his or her veiw. So , creating Facebook group can also help you make money from Facebook.

Grow Your Friends List

To be able to make money from Facebook and become a Facebook influencer,you will have to keep your friend’s list above the 5000 friends list limit.

When you have more than the Facebook friends list limit, people can follow you on Facebook and see your contents.

One of the best way to grow your Facebook friends list is to publish contents of relevance and attractive.

Also, connecting with friends, classmates,and family can help improve and grow your Facebook friends list and this can give you opportunity to influence opinions and brands on Facebook and also make cool cash too.

Here are Proven Ways to Make Money from Facebook

To make money on Facebook be it from direct sales, affiliate marketing or in-stream ads, contents is vital.

Also, always strive to publish contents of good and appealing quality to Facebook audience.

Facebook contents here include both video posts and written posts. It is what will drive traffic which will inturn convert to money on Facebook.

Publish Videos on Facebook

This is one of the verified way to earn money on Facebook.

Facebook is a very unique social media network which shares similarities with YouTube and Instagram especially interms of videos shares and publishing.

The social media is open to partner with users willing to bring contents that can help the social media grow and attract users and one these category of people are video creators.

How people make money on Facebook through video is by In-stream ads.

In-stream ads is an advert published by Facebook either at the beginning, in-between or end of a video.

Videos owners on Facebook are paid based on the number of views and who the advertisers are.

However, before you can earn money from videos on Facebook, certain requirements must be met. Some of the requirements for Facebook video monetization are:

Longer Videos– The Facebook video that is targeting Monetisation must be above 3 minutes.

The video shouldn’t be shorter than 3 mins,this is because of the In-stream ads.

Originality– The video has to be an original content owned by the publisher.

Copyright is highly prohibited for Facebook video monetization. It must be original and authentic too.

No Adult Contents– video contents must be non adult content which can be viewed by different classes of Facebook users.

It is one of the community standards for video monetization.

Country– The country of residence is also one of the criteria for Facebook video monetization and you must be residing in country that is approved by the Facebook community for monetization.

These are some of the basic requirements for Facebook video monetization.

They are some of the things you have to do to make money from videos on Facebook.

Other Reliable Ways to Make Money from Facebook

Here are some other sure ways of earning through Facebook social network.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular means of earning money on Facebook.

Affiliate marketing on Facebook entails posting a link of a product or service on your Facebook page and soliciting your followers to patronise through the link.

When this is done by any of your followers,you will get a commission for the sales gotten through your link.

This is why you find many links on Facebook pages and groups promoting and recommending different brands and services to Facebook followers and users.

Sell Facebook Traffic to Bloggers

Another possible way to earn money from Facebook app is through channelling your Facebook page traffic to a website or blog for a fee.

Bloggers and websites owners always approach Facebook influencer ie those who command large followership on Facebook to buy traffic.

This is done through linking the website from the pages. It is a good mean of making money on Facebook.

Facebook Advertisment & Marketing

Advertising for people’s products and services on your Facebook page, group and profile is another avenue to make money from Facebook.

When you have grown your Facebook audience either on the page, group or profile, products would want to exploit the large audience to advertise their products and services.

At this point you charge specific amounts for the providing such services using your Facebook audience.

Direct Products Sales on Facebook

Another easy way to earn money on Facebook when you have large audience is to sell your products and services to your audience.

You can maintain large Facebook audience while also engaged in entrepreneurship.

At this point you can use your Facebook large audience to promote and sell your products to the audience and also make money.

Facebook Page / Group Sale

Some Facebook users make money on Facebook through buying and selling of Facebook pages and groups.

Though not always common but it happens hence you see people put up Facebook page or group for sale and in auction manner.

At the end,the highest bidder having fulfilled the agreed financial deal will have the sold Facebook page or group handed over to him or her as this case maybe. It is way of making money on Facebook.

How Many Veiws Do You Need To Get Paid on Facebook

The number of views a video needs to be paid or monetised on Facebook is encompassing of many viewership factors.

To get paid for video posts on Facebook the numbers of views needed is 15,000 veiws within 60 days with 180,000 minutes views for the video or all videos or 30,000 1-minute views on 3-minute + video or videos.

This is how many videos views it will take to start earning money from videos on Facebook.


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