How to Make Prepaid Meter Slow in Reading in Nigeria

The advent of electricity prepaid meter in Nigeria was lauded by electricity consumers.

How to recharge Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

The scheme was to usher in the electricity regime of pay as you go.

While the prepaid meter system has numerous advantages and benefits, it is not without hiccups and disadvantages.

Electricity consumers in Nigeria has accused electricity distribution companies in Nigeria of accelerating reading of prepaid meters in Nigeria in bid to increase revenue.

This accusations is not a statement of fact, however many electricity consumers on prepaid meters has continued to voice out the high speed reading of their prepaid meters.

In a bid to ascertain how to make prepaid meter slow down and read very slow in Nigeria, we decided to consult electricity engineers to find if it is possible to make prepaid meter stop reading or slow it down from reading fast.

What this entails is adjusting of prepaid meter in Nigeria to fit into consumers usage pattern.

So, in this post, we will be discussing proven ways to slow down your prepaid meter and make your prepaid meters recharge last longer in Nigeria.

How to Make Recharge on Prepaid Meter Last Longer

In this segment of the article, we will discuss in details how you can reduce electricity consumption on prepaid meter in Nigeria.

So, you will discover how to set your prepaid meter to last longer without its power recharge exhausting fast.

There are two major techniques to make your prepaid meter read slowly and last longer too.

These prepaid meter slow reading ways can be categorised into:

  • Simple Ways to Make Prepaid Meter Slow
  • Easy Ways to Make Prepaid Meter Slow

These are some of our major tricks on how to make electricity prepaid meter slow in Nigeria.

Simple Ways to Make Prepaid Meter Read Slowly

If you’re battling with fast reading prepaid meter, you might consider these options to help slow the reading of your electricity meter.

It can be frustrating to live and use fast reading prepaid meter in Nigeria.

Many consumers has noted that prepaid meter that read and run fast are the newest types of prepaid meters.

These are the meters that is currently in vogue across all electricity distribution companies in Nigeria.

But you can follow those tricks and hacks to make your prepaid meter in Nigeria ready very slowly and last longer too.

Prepaid Meter Energy Conservation in Nigeria

Through energy conservation and saving, electricity on prepaid meter can last longer and finish slower than usually.

So one of the simplest ways of making prepaid meter slow is through energy savings and conservation.

Here is what you should do to make your prepaid meter be slow and not finish fast too.

Replace your light bulbs

One of the simple ways to save energy and make your prepaid meter recharge last longer is through use of energy saving bulbs.

Ncandescent bulbs are energy consuming and is heavy in power consumption.

So, bulbs is one of the most used electrical appliance at homes and as such, it’s better to use energy saving bulbs only.

This will help your prepaid meter recharge last longer.

Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances

Another way to slow down Prepaid Meter in Nigeria is to use energy efficient appliances like television, freezers, washing machines etc.

Television like LED is far better in terms of energy saving unlike LCD and older television models.

Same goes for others home appliances. Only low power series of home appliances should be used on the prepaid meter.

Adjust Energy Use Behaviours

One of the best way to use prepaid meter in Nigeria and make the credit to last is to adopt responsible energy use behaviours.

Buying and using energy conserving equipments is not just enough to slow down Prepaid Meter usage in Nigeria.

Consumers must imbibe the culture of using energy responsible like turning off lights and appliances when not in use.

Also pulling out appliances from wall sockets etc. This helps reduce your energy usage and consumption.

Use of Smart Power Stripes

The use of power surge for appliances in an apartment under prepaid is highly recommended.

These power stripes helps make sure that current doesn’t flow when appliances are switched off.

It is pertinent to note that even when appliances are not in use or switched on, once they remain plugged to electric sockets, flow of current is on and this affects the meter recharge.

If you can’t power all your appliances with smart power stripes then we advice you disconnect the entire house from the general control switch (change over)when not at home or when travelling.

These are some of the simple ways to make your Prepaid Meter slow and last too.

How to Adjust Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

Most electrical consumers in Nigeria in a bid to bypass electricity prepaid meter system and get better deals, do engage in prepaid meter adjustment.

This is why many consumers keeps asking how they can adjust their prepaid meter and make it read slowly.

For many Nigerian electricity consumers, this is easiest way to make prepaid meter slow and the recharge last longer too.

But this process is illegal and attract huge fines and jail terms as well.

To adjust prepaid meter in Nigeria and make it cheaper to use, you will need to engage the services of electricity engineers from distribution companies.

Nevertheless, this method of adjusting prepaid meter can cost you high as you will pay for the services.

Also,it is highly prohibited and considered a sharp practice in prepaid meter scheme in Nigeria.


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