How To Participate In Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageantry

How To Contest in Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageantry 

Since its inception in 1957, Miss Nigeria beauty pageantry has represented the only major national beauty contest in Nigeria till emergence of silverbird’s “Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria”.

how to participate in miss nigeria

Miss Nigeria is organized by news publishers,Daily Times. It is a dream for most young female Nigerians to adorn the crown which is highly prestigious and Command respect.

Miss Nigeria beauty pageantry is geared towards showcasing positive attributes and beauty of Nigerian women.

It is an annual contest which crowns a young lady who best represents the positive qualities of Nigerian women.

Miss Nigeria beauty contest, despite having been edged out by MBGN in representing Nigeria in international beauty competitions, is still highly revered. winners go home with numerous gifts and mouth watering deals.

It is a highly contested pageantry as the crown affords winner limitless opportunities.

For aspiring Miss Nigeria queens, here are few tips of what you should know about the contest, so as to avoid making costly mistakes that can forever keep you out of the contest.

For models and those who wants to participate in Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageantry, below is how you can register and participate in to become miss Nigeria.

Requirements For Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageantry

To qualify to participate in Miss Nigeria beauty contest, interested participants must be between ages of 19 to 27 years.

She must also be at least 5’7ft tall and must be a Nigerian by birth.

Also, interested participants for Miss Nigeria beauty contest must be of good health and character.

She must be single and not to have been married or been a mother. Above all, participant must be fluent in English language and not have tattoos or piercings in her body.

Having met all the above requirements, interested contestants are to log into the Miss Nigeria official website, and fill out a bio data form.

After submitting the form, intending contestants should print out some copies of the form which will be presented at casting venue and wait for call for audition.

Requirements For International Applicants For Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageantry

To qualify as international applicants, the applicant must be a Nigerian by birth.

International applicants can apply by submitting a two minutes YouTube video containing name, age, occupation, brief background and reason for intending to participate in Miss Nigeria beauty contest.

Link of the video can be emailed to, while the intending participant wait for call for audition.

Documents Needed At Screening Of Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageantry

Identity Card

Birth Certificate

Passport Photographs

Registration Printouts.


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