How to Recharge Electricity Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

In this post, how to recharge electricity prepaid meter in Nigeria will be discussed.

How to recharge Prepaid Meter in Nigeria

Also, how to check account balance on electricity prepaid meter will be contained in this article.

With partial privatisation of electricity in Nigeria, the mode of electricity and power sales and usage in Nigeria has evolved over time.

Currently, Nigeria power and electricity sector is witnessing “pay as you go” electricity usage in Nigeria with the introduction of prepaid meters in Nigeria.

So, this policy has seen about 50% of electricity consumers in urban centers in Nigeria use and consume electricity with prepaid meters.

In this write up, we will provide a guide on how to recharge electricity prepaid meter online in Nigeria.

How to check prepaid meter balance will also form part of this post.

How to Recharge The Prepaid Electricity Meter Online With Your Phone

Recharging of electricity prepaids is easier and fast online.

Recharging of prepaid meters online can be done through many payment gateways.

This can be done through use of mobile phone and computer system.

One advantage of online recharge of electricity prepaid meters in Nigeria is that It can be done anytime.

Hence, users can recharge their prepaid meter online in the comfort of their homes and at any given time.

As stated earlier, you can recharge the prepaid electricity meter online with your phone through different payments gateways.

Below are some of the best and easy ways to recharge electricity prepaid meter online in Nigeria.

How to Recharge The Prepaid Meter Through Banks Mobile App

Commercial banks mobile apps is one of the best ways and methods of recharging electricity prepaid meter in Nigeria.

To recharge prepaid meter through bank mobile app, users must have access or have the meter number available.

This is one of the major requirements for online recharge of electricity prepaid meter in Nigeria.

Below are steps of recharging prepaid meter through bank’s mobile apps.

  • Open Banks Mobile Application
  • Go to Bill Payments or Utility Payment
  • Select Electricity Payments
  • Select Electricity Distribution Company which you are paying to
  • Input your Customer Card Number and amount of payment
  • Confirm validation of the customer
  • Make payment by putting in your mobile app pin

Having done this, recharge token would be sent to your phone number immediately for your prepaid meter recharge.

There are many other ways of recharging electricity prepaid meter online apart from bank’s mobile apps.

You can also recharge prepaid meter or buy electricity prepaid meter recharge card or token through,, iRecharge and official website of your disco company.

These are some of other ways of recharging prepaid meters online.

How to Recharge Prepaid Electricity Meter Online Using

This is one of the easy ways of recharging your prepaid meter in Nigeria.

The best part about using is that it covers consumers from all the 36 states of the country irrespective of your DISCO company.

Below is the steps of buying electricity using website.

  • Visit the website
  • Fill in your phone number
  • Fill in your information on the form that will be displayed, and any other required information, including full name, state of residence, email address, meter number, and amount of electricity to be procured
  • Choose an online payment method and fill in your details, such as the bank name, credit card type and number, and the CVV number
  • Enter the one-time password sent to your phone number by your bank to confirm payment

The recharge details will be sent to the phone number entered in the second step.

How to Recharge Prepaid Electricity Meter Online Through Quickteller

Quickteller is a digital platform that can be used for bills payments including paying or buying prepaid electricity recharge token or card.

Here is how to recharge prepaid meter through quickteller platform.

  • Visit the Quickteller website to get started
  • Use the search bar to locate and click on your distribution companies
  • Input your meter number, email address, phone number, amount, and other details where necessary
  • Complete the process by filling in your card details for payment
  • Input your OTP to finish the payment after which you get directed to a confirmation page

Upon successful payment, a recharge pin code will be provided for use to recharge your prepaid meter.

How to Recharge Electricity Prepaid Meter Using iRecharge

iRecharge is another good and fast online platform for recharging prepaid meters online.

The website is fast and processes prepaid meter recharge pin very fast.

Here is how to recharge prepaid meter using iRecharge.

You need to open a personal account on the iRecharge website.

  • Once successful registration with iRecharge, log in to the online platform
  • Select the wallet option, click on fund wallet to transfer your cash from your bank account
  • Fill in the required information and continue with the deposit, which includes bank name, credit card number, and amount to deposit, and so on
  • Once the deposited amount has been reflected on your dashboard, select the electricity bill
    Key in the amount of electricity you desire to recharge your prepaid meter and fill in the required information

The recharge pin will be sent to your mobile number after completing the above steps.

How to Load the Prepaid Electricity Meter with Recharge Pin

In this segment of the post, we will discuss how to load recharge pin in prepaid meter.

After buying a recharge pin be it online or offline through vendors, you need to load the prepaid meter with the recharge pin or token before it will reflect the amount of energy bought.

Below are the steps and how to load the prepaid electricity meter when the power is off.

  • To recharge prepaid meter, there must be power availability which must reflect in the meter ie electricity power must be available at the time of recharge.
  • This is important as it is only way that recharge signal could be transmitted.
  • If the prepaid meter is out of power, use batteries to power the Customer Interface Unit (CIU).
  • Connect the prepaid Customer Interface Unit (CIU) to a socket before starting the whole process.
  • Input the recharge pin you bought online correctly and press enter to recharge button ( red button)
  • The unit allocated to the amount of energy bought will be loaded successfully.
  • Make sure the as recharge your prepaid meter when light is off that your change over is in nepa mode and not on generator.

How to Check Electricity Prepaid Meter Balance

There are many different types of electricity prepaid meters in Nigeria and each has different codes on how to check the prepaid meter balance.

Checking of prepaid meter balance gives users idea of his power usage and when to expect another recharge or if recharge has added to their balance.

So in this section of the article, we will list different types of prepaid meters and their codes for checking balances.

MOJEC meters : press 009 and then enter button.

MEMCO meters: to check your electricity balance on MEMCO meters, press 07 on the CIU keypad and press enter.

HEXING meters: press 801 to check meter balance to check prepaid meter balance.

NHC meters: press 009 for Conlog meters, 10 for single-phase EDMI meters, and 01 for three-phase EDMI meters.

These are different ways to check the balance of electricity prepaid meter in Nigeria for different prepaid meter companies in Nigeria.

How to Get Electricity Prepaid Meter Fast in Nigeria

The fastest way to get or procure prepaid meters in Nigeria is through Meter Asset Providers (MAP ) scheme.

Through this way of prepaid meter acquisition in Nigeria, consumer will have to pay to get the prepaid meter and amount to pay for the Prepaid meter will depend on the number of phase of the meter needed.

Also, another way on how to get prepaid meter in Nigeria is through free installation understand federal government DISCO partnership.

In this scheme, customer have their prepaid meters installed in their homes free without payments.


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