How to Recharge Gotv Online With Phone

There are many Gotv users that subscribe and recharge their Gotv online using mobile phones.

How to recharge gotv online

This is because of how convenient and stress free it is to Recharge Gotv online using phone and other smart gadgets.

Gotv is currently the most popular cable television in Nigeria found across most homes and offices.

The pay television terrestrial service in sub-Saharan Africa owned by broadcaster MultiChoice and founded 2011.

Online recharge of Gotv involves making payment for your Gotv subscription through web based payments platforms such as applications or websites.

This can be made possible through use of mobile phones and other smart gadgets.

Before now, recharge of gotv is mostly done across multichoice offices and that of their partners across Nigeria.

However, advancement in technology especially in the area of online payment processing has seen recharge of gotv move majorly online through phones and tablets.

It has as well become the best and easiest way to recharge gotv. Making Gotv subscription and recharge online is the best way and fastest way to subscribe your Gotv decoder.

This is because recharging Gotv online through phone can be done at any time and from any location that has access to internet.

Many Gotv users are still skeptical about trying out Gotv online recharge using their phones and other smart gadgets.

This is why we are doing this post to update our readers and those looking for how to recharge Gotv online.

Recharging Gotv decoder using phone involves having access to internet as well as having smart gadget which can be either smart phone,tablet or computer system.

There are three major ways to recharge Gotv online these tripartite process involves

  • Recharging Gotv Through Bank App
  • Recharging Gotv Through Fintech Platforms
  • Recharging Gotv Through Official website & Application

These are three major ways you can pay for your Gotv recharge online using your phone or other smart gadgets.

In this article, will give you simple steps on how to subscribe or recharge for Gotv online using your phone.

GOTV Recharge Through Bank’s Mobile Apps

One of the ways to recharge for your Gotv is to do so through commercial bank mobile application.

Almost all commercial banks in Nigeria has Gotv payment service in their bill payment on their mobile app.

This makes paying for gotv online easy as user only need to enter IUC number and subscription package and have their Gotv subscription paid for.

Here is how to recharge Gotv using your bank’s mobile applications. Here we are talking majorly about commercial banks.

  • Open your Bank’s Mobile App
  • Select Bills Payment
  • Select Cable TV Payment
  • Click on GOTV
  • Enter Subscription Package
  • Enter IUC Number (cab be found under gotv decoder)
  • Make Payment

It is very easy and simple to pay for Gotv recharge using your bank’s mobile applications.

It is also very convenient and the application already have the processes set out and all you need is input your decoder details and Gotv package you intend to pay for.

GOTV Recharge Through Online Payment Processing Websites

There are numerous fintech companies that engage in online payment processing and these companies such as Interswitch, Opay also carry out GOTV recharge online.

To be able to recharge your Gotv online through these Fintech websites, you need to have a funded ATM card or have funded wallet with these fintech companies such as OPay.

Here is how to pay for Gotv recharge online through websites of online payment companies

  • Open website of Fintech
  • Locate Bills Payment
  • Select Cable TV
  • Select GOTV
  • Highlight Desired Gotv Package
  • Put in your IUC Number
  • Enter your ATM card details
  • Make Payment

Recharge Gotv Through GOTV Website & Application

You can also Recharge your Gotv online through Gotv official website at and through their mobile application.

This involves visiting Gotv official website and following these steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on 3 small lines at the top right corner of the website
  • Select Pay
  • Select Pay now
  • Enter your phone number and IUC number
  • Select processor
  • Enter ATM Card Details
  • Make Payment

Paying for Gotv Recharge Through GOTV App

You can as well pay for Gotv through their mobile application. All you need is to download the application and follow the simple process in there which is the below process.

  • Download Gotv app from Google play store and iOS stores
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your IUC details
  • Select Subscription Package
  • Enter ATM Card details
  • Make payment


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