How to Register a Church in Nigeria

Resigstration of church is one of the requirements to opening a church in Nigeria.

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The fact there are thousands of unregistered churches in Nigeria does not make church registration in Nigeria optional and non binding.

To start and run a church in Nigeria,the law requires that all churches and mosques in Nigeria shall be registered.

Adherence to Church and mosques registration in Nigeria has been poor but it is very important that it is done for those intending to setup church or mosque in Nigeria.

In this blog post,we will be explaining why and how to register a church in Nigeria before starting an approved church denomination in Nigeria.

One distinctive factor that we all share in common is religion, there are numerous religions that exist but only few are prominent, one of which is the Christianity.

Christians worship in a church. In Nigeria today, churches are a common thing, but you must know that before you gather people together in a place for the sake of worship, you must endeavor to register your church as there is a provision under the constitution that backs that up.

Corporate Affairs Commission is assigned the duty of approving organizations in Nigeria.

Also,in some states, special laws and agencies exists to oversees church registration in those Nigerian states.

It might seem odd to register your church but you must know that the church is like any other Non governmental organization which must be registered and recognized by the government of its resident country.

In Nigeria, church registration is done in accordance to the part CAC duties and responsibilities.

In this article, I will put you through how to register your church in Nigeria in very easy and understandable manner.

Steps & Guides on How to Register Church in Nigeria

Here are steps and best ways to register a church in Nigeria and operate a legal church in Nigeria.

Choose and Search for a Name for your Church

The very important detail that cannot be left behind.

As a Cleric of the church to be registered, you must sit back and carefully choose a name that clearly speaks the purpose of your church.

The name must be a unique and should not share resemblance with any existing church.

It is advisable that you have two names prepared, one is primary and the other would be there incase the first name is unavailable.

Appoint a Board of Trustees

This should have been carried out before you head to the CAC.

The essence of the board of trustees is to ensure that there are people that can be held accountable in any situation.

You should choose those who have good character and conduct.

Also, the trustees name and information would be required in filling the registration form.

Name Publishing

After the name you chose has successfully accepted by the CAC and it is established that the name is available, the next step becomes that you go ahead to publish the name intended for your church on newspapers.

The name you chose would be made open for you in the next sixty days by the CAC, meaning that you have to complete the registration between the time frame.

You would have to publish your church name, the purpose of the church, vision and goals and the names of the board of trustee members on a locally and nationally read newspaper.

The essence of this to notify the public about you intention to register your church.

If any objection arises in succeeding 28 days, it would be reviewed and treated by the CAC.

Church Registration

At the end of all the activities above, you can now proceed to the remaining process involved.

This can only happen after the 28 days elapses.

All of the trustees would be required to append their signatures and attach their passport to the registration document.

A oath form is also expected to be attested to. Afterwards, the church receives a license and a seal that would serve as a means of approving and authorizing documents in the church.

All of the documents are expected to be submitted to corporate affairs commission via their CRF portal.

Once this is approved the church would then be given their certificate of recognition.

This is the whole process involved, but I have included below the necessary details you’ll need for the whole registration process. They include:

Requirements for Church Registration in Nigeria

Below is the summary of some requirements and things needed to register a church in Nigeria.

A primary name and two other alternative names incase the primary name is already taken or not available for use.

1. Personal details of the trustees e.g., names, address, email address, contacts, a valid ID, passport photographs, and signatures.

2. Personal details also of the chairman and the secretary of the church.

3. The church’s constitution i.e., code of conducts.

4. Application letter to the CAC.

5. Newspaper publication proofs.

How Much Does it Cost to Register Church in Nigeria

The cost of church registration in Nigeria is not expensive.

The official fees paid for church registration with CAC is about N20000.

However,some others miscellaneous might arises which can gulf money during church registration like newspaper publications etc.

Nevertheless,it cost an average of N20,000 to register and get church approval in Nigeria.

The process is usually tasking, but I believe if you follow this article, it would become much easier for you to register your church or ministry in Nigeria.

I hope you find this post helpful and  please, remember to share and comment on the article. Thank you for taking the time to read.


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