How to Send Money from Nigeria to China

The cheapest and easiest ways to send money both Renminbi and dollars from Nigeria to China will be our major focus in this article.

The bilateral trade between Nigeria and China is the biggest among Nigeria’s international trade partners.

Many Nigerian traders and businessmen source their stock from China.

Hence, many Nigerians, especially businessmen send money from Nigeria to China frequently.

The official Chinese currency is called Renminbi abbreviated (CNY). It is one of the most traded currencies in the world.

The volume of trade between Nigeria and China is enormous and because of this, there’s is always constant need for Nigeria businessmen to send money especially renminbi to China either for payment of goods or for other purposes.

To send money from Nigeria to China, currency conversion is usually done as most Chinese business partners accepts mostly their currency renminbi and US dollars.

This is why those who send money from Nigeria to China find it a bit tasky to pay for their goods in China from Nigeria by sending money to China from their resident country Nigeria.

Buying stock from e-commerce website in China is much easier as there are payment options for US dollars which can be done using debits cards.

But,in terms of payment of stock and supplies, it requires converting of Nigeria’s naira equivalent to Chinese renminbi and crediting account of business partners in China.

This post was necessitated as result of high bilateral trade between both countries which has seen many Nigerians sought to find the best and most secured ways to send money from Nigeria to China fast and cheap too.

Movement of money across international boarders has never been easy as there are different policies for different countries as regards to international money transfer and inflow.

Fintechs has tried to make international money transfer easier and cheaper through invention of multiple international web based payments system.

Despite the advancements in fintech especially with International payments, it is still not easy for many especially those in Nigeria to transfer or send money to China especially for business purposes.

So, we will review some legal and fast ways to send money or make payments from Nigeria to China.

What’s the Best Method to Send Money to China From Nigeria

Here is the fastest and cheapest ways to send money to China from Nigeria.

These platforms will also guarantee you safe and secure channels to send money from Nigeria to China.


Alipay which is a global web based payment platform headquartered in China is one of the best and easiest ways to send money from Nigeria to China.

The online payment Platform is currently the world’s largest digital payment platform.

The web based payment solutions platform was founded by Chinese renowned entrepreneur, Alibaba.

Alipay is the most used mobile payment Platform in China with almost 80% of Chinese banking population having an account with the platform.

Hence it is easy to send money from Nigeria to Chinese business partners using Alipay.

The platform has an international version which operates in English language used by foreigners like Nigerians to send money to China.

Alipay can be downloaded from Google play store or iOS store. It is one of the most effective ways to send cash from Nigeria to China.


Sending money from Nigeria to China using PayPal is very easy and possible however,you will be charged with about 2.9% of the amount to be sent.

Also, despite the widespread use of PayPal for international money transfer, not so many Chinese use the digital payment platform for receiving payment in China as result of perceive high charges associated with PayPal in China.

However big manufacturers and business partners do have PayPal account and it can be used as an easy way to send or receive money in China from Nigeria.

Bank or Wire Transfers (SWIFT)

Another best way to transfer very high amount of money from Nigeria to China is through bank transfer using SWIFT CODE.

Major international banks in China can receive payments for their clients from across the world using wire transfer aided by SWIFT CODE.

This is one of the sure ways to send money from Nigeria to China especially when large amount is involved.

Just visit your bank with the account details of the Chinese partner and initiate an international wire transfer via swift code.

So, it is possible to send money to China from Nigeria through commercial banks in Nigeria.

Third Party / Exchange Agents

This is perhaps the most porpular and widely means of sending money from Nigeria to China.

Across major markets in Nigeria especially in Lagos and Abuja, there are money exchange merchants.

These exchange agents serves as third party and help facilitates money transfer and payment between sender and receiver from Nigeria to China.

It is the most used ways of sending money to China from Nigeria.

However, this method of money transfer from Nigeria to China is also the most risky and unregulated international money transfer and payments in Nigeria.

In simple terms,it involves giving your money to exchange agent to credit account of partner or receiver in China.

I can tell you categorically this is how most Nigeria international businessmen send money from Nigeria to China for payment of their goods.


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