How To Share Data MB on MTN: Codes for Sharing MTN Data

How to share data on MTN line will be the major focus of this post.

How to share MTN Data in Nigeria

MTN is the telecommunication network provider with the largest subscribers in Nigeria.

The network provider has the biggest both voice call and data subscribers.

One of the most interesting packages introduced by MTN in Nigeria is the data sharing package and options.

What this means is that subscribers can now share or gift MTN data to another MTN subscriber.

This has been used majorly by family and friends to share data and keep in touch.

The MTN gift data codes is also used by some subscribers to sell their large volume of data and make some cool cash.

With the sharing of MB on MTN, subscribers can hardly complain about expiration of unused data bundles.

So, this is what necessitated this article as we tend to provide our readers with the MTN codes for sharing data and MB.

With this MTN package, it becomes easy to give data to families and friends instead of sending them money to buy.

In this post, you will find how to send data MB to MTN line in Nigeria.

Codes for Sharing/ Gifting MTN Data MB in Nigeria

In this segment of the post, we will talk about how to share or send data MB on MTN lines.

There are different ways of sending data or sharing data on MTN.

Read through this post to discover fast and easy ways to share MTN data MB in Nigeria.

How to Share MTN Data Using USSD Codes

One of the ways to share MTN data is through the use of USSD codes.

These are MTN codes programmed for sharing or sending data. Here is the way or process of how to share data on MTN.

  • Dial *131# on your line
  • Select option “7” which is gift Data option
  • Input the MTN number you wish to send or share data with
  • Select the amount of data you want to share or send to the MTN line
  • Confirm the transaction

Also, you can share data through USSD code by simply dialling *131*Phone number*Data amount#

These are some of the ways to share MTN data using USSD codes.

How to Share / Send Data on MTN Using SMS

It is as well possible to send or share data on MTN through SMS.

Below is the codes to share MTN data MB through SMS.

To share MTN data through text message simply text Transfer -Phone number-Data amount and to 131.

This is how to share data on MTN line using SMS text message.

What is the Highest Amount of MTN Data That Can be Sent, Shared or Transferred?

Often people asks how many MTN gigabyte (GB) of data can be shared, sent or transferred to another subscriber?.

Sharing of MTN data MB is capped and so, the amount of MTN data MB that can be shared or sent in one day is 1GB per day.

That is the maximum amount that can be transferred for MTN subscribers.

We hope through this article,you have mastered codes for sharing MTN data MB in Nigeria.


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