How to Start Apple Fruit Business in Nigeria

Apples consumption in Nigeria is very high and that is why starting apple fruits business is very lucrative in Nigeria.

Granny smith and Queen’s apple are the two major types of apple fruits that is heavily consumed in Nigeria.

These two apples though very popular and consumed in Nigeria is mostly imported from South Africa, France and Europe.

Most apple fruits importation in Nigeria is facilitated by CORE, a company that deals fruits sales in Nigeria especially apple fruits.

Apple fruits business in Nigeria is profitable but it comes with huge risks because of how fast it can perish.

This is why care must be taken when starting an apple fruit business in Nigeria.

Unlike other businesses, apple fruits business is pre-planned so as not to get stranded with the stock which is highly perishable.

So, in this article,we will provide tips on how to start apple fruit importation business in Nigeria as well as how to start apple fruits wholesale business in Nigeria.

In this post,you will also discover how much profit is used to sell apples fruits in Nigeria.

Apple Fruits Importation Business in Nigeria

Starting apple business in Nigeria as an importer is profitable but requires logistics for fast and easy movement of apple fruits.

In 2021, South Africa was the main supplier of apple to Nigeria.

So, majority of apple fruits importers in Nigeria source their granny smith and Queen’s apple from South Africa.

Although, some Nigeria apple importers also get their stock from France but South Africa by proximity gives you an edge as an apple fruits importer in Nigeria.

Before becoming an importer of apple fruit in Nigeria, you should have your supply chains ready and available logistics for distribution.

It is not a stock that can last for long time. This is why you should have your supply chains ready like major distributors, shopping malls, fruits markets customers and the likes.

Do not import apple and go about in search of buyers, rather the buyers should be ready before the importation should be carried out.

How to Start Apple Fruits Wholesale Business in Nigeria

Just like apple fruits importation in Nigeria, the business of selling apple fruits in wholesale is also lucrative and profitable.

The wholesalers are those that deals directly with the apple importers too. These are the people that sells directly to apple fruits retailers in the apple fruits business chain.

To start apple wholesale business in Nigeria, you will also need to define and reach out to your customers who are retailers.

It is important to offer them good prices to entice them.

As a wholesaler of apple fruits, you should buy your apple fruits stock based on the number of customers who have placed orders and demand.

This is to avoid or minimize the risk of the apple perishing. As your customer base is increasing,you can also increase your purchasing capacity and supply.

Apple business is a very delicate and is a carefully done business.

A lot of forecast are carried out, so as not to be caught up with having your apples stocked in your warehouse or shops.

Apple Fruits Business Profit in Nigeria

This segment of the post, will give an insight of how much profit is involved in selling of apple fruits business in Nigeria.

Irrespective of the size and colours, for each of apple sold in Nigeria, sellers makes a minimum of N50.

This is how much profit that is used in selling and marketing of granny smith and Queen’s apple fruits in Nigeria.

So for every one cartoon of apple sold which consists of 100 apple fruits, a minimum of N5000 is made.

How Much is Carton of Apple in Nigeria

The price of carton of granny smith and Queen’s apple fruits in Nigeria is decided by its size.

A carton of small sized apple fruits in Nigeria which consists of 100 apples is sold between N11,000 to N12,500 .

This is how much a carton of small green apple is sold in Nigeria.

A carton of large size red granny smith apple fruits in Nigeria cost between N18,000 and 20,000 which consists of 100 apple fruits.


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