How To Start Barbing Salon in Nigeria (2024)

Cost & Requirements for Setting Up Barbing Salon in Nigeria

Starting up Barbing Salon business in Nigeria is easy and lucrative business venture.

How to start Barbing Salon in Nigeria

It doesn’t require millions to set up barbing shop in Nigeria.

The business is also lucrative in Nigeria provided that starter does his/her assignment very well.

How much that is required for starting barbing salon in Nigeria is largely determined by the level of take off and enqiupping of the salon.

Nigerian men loves to look good and most Nigerian men doesn’t keep hair, hence they grace barbing salons day in day out.

Nigeria is in recession and business is the best way to go.

In order to successfully set up a good barbing salon and make good money, there are some requirements that must be met for the set up to be successful.

In this post, we will be discussing every necessary steps for setting up barbing salon in Nigeria.

Also to be found in this article is the important equipments for starting barbing salon in Nigeria.

Cost of Setting Up Baring Salon: How Much is Needed To Start Barber Shop in Nigeria.

In this segment of the post, we will be talk about amount that is needed to start Barbing Salon in Nigeria.

On Average, to start a barbing shop requires a minimum of N50,000.

This is the least amount that can be used to start a barbing shop in Nigeria.

For fully enqipped and polished barbing salon, it will take an average of N200,000 for set up.

This is amounts required for setting up barbing salon in Nigeria.

Steps For Starting Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

These are steps for starting barbing salon in Nigeria.

With these steps, your barbing salon business stands a great chance of getting good profit and will be lucrative.

A minimum of 3 months Barbing Apprenticeship

No matter how good, well enqipped and polished your Barbing slaon is, if you do not know how to give the best of cuts, good carvings and nice trimming of hair, you can’t make it in Barbing salon business in Nigeria.

This is where apprenticeship comes in. Spending some time learning how to barb and give nice hair cuts is one of the vital steps towards starting Barbing Salon.

How good you are will bring in more customers. So, going for Barbing tutorship is the most important steps in setting up barbing salon in Nigeria.

Barbing is an art and requires some artistic skills. People wants to get value for their money.

Rent & Equip Barbing Shop 

Another step towards getting or setting up Barbing salon in Nigeria is to rent or acquire a barbing shop.

There is no specifics in the size of shop to be rented for barbing salon, the most important factors to be considered while renting a barbing shop is location and accessibility.

The location must be safe and in a thickly residential area. It also has to be easily accessible and identifiable.

The shop also should be conducive for customers and relaxation even after having a hair cut by customers.

This means that necessary items like, fan, couch and sound system / Television should be put in place for comfort of customers.

However, it does not necessarily mean that all these can be put in place before one can start a barbing shop.

Once the basic barbing equipments are acquired, and set up then the business can kick off.

Acquisition of Barbing Clippers & Apron

This is also another important step towards setting up a barbing shop.

For a start, a minimum of two good clippers are required.

The number will continue to increase as your customer base increases.

For durability and good service, orignal and good clippers should be considered.

Also, barbing salon apron should be procured both for customers and that of barber too. This help prevent stains and keeps customers looking clean after cut.

Get Sterlizer

Most barbing customers are mindful of hygiene mechanisms put in place by their barbers in order to curb transmission of disease.

This is especially among customers who do not have personal barbing clippers.

This is why getting a sterilizer ia very good and important step in starting up a barbing salon.

This is where you disinfect your barbing equipments like clippers, blades, scissors, comb etc.

Get a Standby Power Generator

The reason for this requirements for starting a barbing salon in Nigeria is very obvious.

One of the biggest problems of Nigeria is epileptic power supply.

So, having a good power generator standing by incase of power failure is a right step towards opening a barbing shop.

The power generator does not necessarily have to be the biggest size or the most expensive in the market.

Any good and decent power generator that can power the barbing shop and all its equipments is good to go.

A power generator in the region of around N30,000 to N40,000 will present a good option.

How Lucrative is Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

Barbing Salon is lucrative not just in Nigeria but across the world.

It is provision of essential service. However, to make it highly through barbing salon might require provision of other services like hair treatments as well as home services.

Also setting up of branches across the city helps shore up income and improves the brand.

So, barber who are good at the job with good logistics earn very well and also employ services of younger barbers to help serve teeming customers.


These are some of the basic requirements for setting up Barbing Salon business in Nigeria.

With these basic requirements and steps, making a good business out of barbing salon is guaranteed. As you work do not forget to pray.


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