How To Start Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria (Laundry Services)

In this article, we have come up with all information about dry cleaning business in Nigeria.

How to start dry cleaning business in Nigeria

Tips about how to successfully run and operate laundry & dry cleaning business in Nigeria is what will be treated in this post.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

Laundry services popularly known as dry cleaning in Nigeria is a popular laundry services which involved washing of clothes and other fabrics.

Dry cleaning business is very popularly in Nigeria and thrives more in cities that are highly populated especially by working class individuals and above average income earners.

Feasibility studies should be done before Starting dry cleaning business in Nigeria.

In fact this should apply in starting every other business in Nigeria as basic amenities which normally will help small and medium business are to some extent lacking in Nigeria.

Laundry and dry cleaning business will continue to thrive in Nigeria as result of Nigerian’s high population.

Most Nigerians especially the working class, as result of job commitments has little or no time for important chores like laundry.

These individuals resort to laundry services to help keep their wardrobe clean and fresh.

This is the gap those who venture in dry cleaning business are out to close.

How Lucrative Is Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

This is a very important question constantly asked before starting any business.

Dry cleaning and laundry business in Nigeria is lucrative if priorities are set right and feasibility study well done.

Currently in Nigeria, to dry clean a shirt cost between N250 to N500, depending on the city where the services are offered.

Ceremonial wears like suits, coats, natives and traditional wears are constantly sent to dry cleaners.

How much you can make from dry cleaning business in Nigeria is dependent on his or her customer base.

However, Nigeria is a very large market for laundry business.

Cost Of Starting Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

Dry Cleaning business in Nigeria can be started at zero budget. This involves offering home services.

However, as soon as customer base increases, it is advisable to get a shop or an apartment for effective running of the business.

For renting a shop, getting washing table, pressing iron and washing detergent etc an amount in the region of N50,000 to N100,000 can be used to start laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria.

Washing machines is very important but if cannot be afforded at the take off, then clothes can be cleaned by traditional way of using hands until profit capable of acquiring washing machines is made.

Steps To Starting Dry Cleaning Business In Nigeria

Below are some of important steps that can be taken for a successful operation and running of laundry services in Nigeria.

Finding Good Location

Location for setting up dry cleaning outlet especially in Nigeria is very important.

An area thickly populated by working class, above average income earners and wealthy people is the ideal location for obvious reasons.The hungry hardly take their clothes to dry cleaners.

Also an areas with at least 12 hours supply of electricity must be considered to avoid heavy dependent on power generator.

The location above all must be safe and accessible for customers to drive in and out. Shop beside tarred roads wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Getting Necessary Laundry Equipments

Important laundry equipments must be procured. As a starter, some laundry equipment is most basic and should be considered first so as to save cost.

Not all starters can afford washing machine at take off level.

Below are some washing equipments needed for starting dry cleaning business in Nigeria.

Laundry Detergents

Tough stain removal detergents with nice fragrance should be used so as to hasten washing time. Also starch should be gotten alongside washing detergent.

Washing Buckets & Table

Long lasting and quality buckets and basins should be purchased. A minimum of combined six buckets and basins should be okay. Washing table will be more lasting if it will be made of steel.

Pressing Iron & Table

This is also very important as the clothes will be ironed after wash.

Water Supply

If your laundry shop is sited in a compound with borehole it will be nice, however, if it doesn’t, then tank will need to be procured for water storage.

Power Generator

In dry cleaning business, deadlines must be met and having a power generator will ensure that work flow is not interrupted in absence of power supply.

Washing Machine

Washing machine is one of the most important materials needed for dry cleaning business. It makes the work faster and easier.

It reduces the work load that the business operator should have shouldered. However, if a startup budget couldn’t cover for getting washing machine, then it could be procured after some time in the business.

Garment Conveyor

This is where clothes will be hanged and is an important material used for dry cleaning business.

Nylons and Tags

This will be used to deliver wears and fabrics that was washed and serviced to customers.

Promote Your Business

It is not just enough to put together needed equipments. People needs to know what you do and where you’re. So it is necessary to put up sign post outside your shop, use social media and interpersonal skills to communicate to publics about what you do and where you are. Also flyers can be given out to residents within your operation base.


It is important to note that despite the money that are made from laundry and dry cleaning services, the business is not for lazy and dishonest people.

It requires honesty and hard work. Nevertheless, which legal business doesn’t? non.


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