How To Start Pure Water Business in Nigeria (2022)

Tips For Sachet Water Business in Nigeria

Production and marketing of sachet water in Nigeria is very lucrative and has limitless opportunities in Nigeria.

Pure Water Business in Nigeria

It is popularly called pure water business in Nigeria. This involves packaging purified water in nylon sachet for commercial purposes.

It is one of the businesses that does not require sophisticated equipment to start up neither if it requires all capital in world to venture into.

More still, it is a business a retired civil servant can start up while he or she enjoys her or his retirement.

The business is very lucrative and is a fast moving one. When thirsty, only very few person sought to find out the pure water brand they are buying.

So, the business is highly accommodating. If selling of drinking water business is not lucrative, i bet you wouldn’t find multinationals like Nestle, Coca, May & Baker in the business.

So it ia very promising business in Nigeria. In this post, we will be discussing the guide and procedures for starting pure water business in Nigeria.

Guide & Steps to Starting Pure Water Business in Nigeria

This article will serve as guide to those planning to starts sachet and pure water production business in Nigeria.

Before starting a pure water business in Nigeria there are some necessary things and procedures that must be done for smooth take off of the pure water business.

It should be noted that Nigeria government through NAFDAC consider Water as an edible and so merchants of Pure water in Nigeria are always charged to keep to laws guiding production of edible in Nigeria.

In this post we will be talking about all equipments required for starting pure water business in Nigeria as well as other necessary steps to take towards starting pure water business in Nigeria.

Feasible Business Plan

What is required by an entrepreneur here is not finding out if there is market for pure water business because it is obvious.

Rather here, entrepreneur needs to find out the total cost and budget that can set up a pure water business in Nigeria.

This includes finding out the cost of water purification and sealing machines, cost of constructing borehole as well as the cost of getting other logistics required for pure water business like branded nylon sachets, renting of warehouse and getting NAFDAC approval etc.

This will help when the entrepreneur while sourcing for fund for setting up the business.

Having a feasible business plan is as important as the business itself.

Factory Site

Getting a premises for pure water production should be done having in mind that it is an edible.

The site of the factory should be easily accessible for both customer and visitors. It should also be motorable for easy access and transportation of the goods.

Also the site should be a very clean and hygienic place devoid of dirts and have electricity.

Above all getting a site for pure water factory production should not be so costly so as not to impact on your profits.

Sinking / Drilling of Borehole

This very important as it is going to serve as the source of water supply.

The borehole should be well drilled and the best purified water should be the target.

Installation of Purification & Distillation Machines

At this point machine such as water purifier, distillation machines as well as sealing machines should be installed in the site.

The cost of water purification machine and distillation machine should be sought after by the entrepreneur.

Also, the cost of sealing machine should be researched as well as the the labour for installation of these machines.

Acquisition of Branded Nylon Sachet

A branded nylon sachet should be acquired. It is always easier to get into agreement with a nylon branding company who will always brand and supply to the factory whenever demand arises.

Alternative Electricity Supply

No production company in Nigeria can solely rely on electricity supply from power companies.

This justify reason why an alternative power supply should be procured.

Get a power generator capable of powering all the production processes involved in producing pure water will be the best choice.

Business Registrations

As a pure water entrepreneur, you will need to register your business with two government agencies.

The first is Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). This government agency is mandated with registering of all businesses in Nigeria.

Also, you will need to register with NAFDAC. This because you deal on consumables.

The NAFDAC will officially inspect the facility before giving approval.

Requirements & Acquisition of Truck

Having followed all these steps, at this point, recruiting of staff that will man different production process of the pure water production is very vital.

Getting of machine operators, to packagers, sales person, driver or drivers depending on number of trucks.

A security personnel and supervisor are some of the vital workers needed for pure water business.

Truck acquisition is very important for transportation and distribution of stock.


At this point a funfare or promotional activities should be held to create awareness for the new brand of pure water in town.

Reaching out to potential customers is very important so as to keep them abreast with the new product.

Also, potential retailers should be looked for and convinced on why they need to sell and deal on your products.

End Note

Pure water business requires a substantial amount of money to start up. However the market is there and it is highly patronized.

Entrepreneurs willing to invest in the business should look at these steps which I believe can go along way in giving an ideas of what to expect and do while planning or having a pure water production business being set up.


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