How To Start Selling of Clothes Business in Nigeria

Clothes Selling Business in Nigeria 

Selling of clothes is a long aged business in Nigeria.

Clothes business in Nigeria

The question of “is clothes Selling Business lucrative in Nigeria” does not come up because it’s obvious.

If you are seeking for a lucrative business to start in Nigeria or a business with high return on investment in Nigeria, then selling of already made clothes and boutique business in Nigeria is a very good option.

Clothes is part of the 3 basic needs of man. So, it is out of question if market for clothes are viable in Nigeria.

The potential of selling clothes in Nigeria is even higher because of the high population of Nigeria.

In this article, we will talking about pertinent questions relating to selling of clothes business in Nigeria.

This post will help entrepreneurs see the profit of clothes selling business in Nigeria and best places to start selling of clothes business in Nigeria.

How Lucrative is Clothes Business in Nigeria

The business of selling clothes is a very lucrative and profitable in Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in the world.

This leaves entrepreneurs who deal on clothes with huge profit from sales.

Most wears in Nigeria are imported. Also with high rate of forex in Nigeria, it cost significant amount to purchase clothes in Nigeria Currently.

The profit in selling clothes is so high and depend on the type of market visited for purchase.

The average profit or gain one can make for selling a shirt, short or trouser in Nigeria is N1000.

Market places like malls and plazas, profits are higher for selling clothes.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Clothes Selling Business in Nigeria

How much capital needed to start clothes selling business in Nigeria cannot be pegged.

Just as obtained in many business lines, clothes business in Nigeria can be started at different level and standard.

This will as well require different capitals. Also, the place to start clothes business in Nigeria can also play a role in capital needed.

However, after putting in place logistics like shop and clothes sampling equipments, it can take N300,000 to N500,000 as capital to start clothes business in a semi urban and less competitive environment.

As for those willing to start clothes Selling Business in Nigeria in top markets in Nigeria, it will require capital of about to N1,000,000 and above after logistics to start clothes business in Nigeria.

Best Places To Start Clothes Business in Nigeria

Ordinarily, selling of clothes business can be conducted at any part of Nigeria with significant number of population and inhabitants.

However, for best sales and performance, below are some of the best places to start clothes business in Nigeria.

Feeder Markets

Top and feeder markets are some of the best places to start clothes business in Nigeria.

By feeder markets, we mean those markets where wholesalers and retailers visit to buy their stock.

These are clothes markets in Lagos, Onitsha, Aba and Kano.

The demand in these markets are very high and this makes sales very high and fast.

Super High Ways & Major Streets

Major streets and super high ways are some of the good places to start clothes business in Nigeria.

These major streets and super high ways are constantly busy with bubbling economic activities.

Malls & Shopping Plaza

This is also another very good place to start clothes Selling Business in Nigeria.

Shopping malls and plazas presents good and viable opportunities for clothes sellers in Nigeria.

Best Type of Clothes To Sell in Nigeria

Basically, all types of clothes have markets in Nigeria.

However, there are some type of clothes or clothing line that are fast moving in Nigeria.

These type of clothes are most lucrative in Nigeria.

Children’s Wears & Clothes

One of the type of clothes that sell fast and also gives good capital in Nigeria is children’s clothes.

Nigeria has significant number of children and these presents good business opportunities for those who sell children clothes in Nigeria.

Jeans Wears

Jeans wear is one of the most popular and used fabrics in the world.

It is also a very lucrative clothing line in Nigeria.

Selling of jeans in Nigeria is one of the clothes selling business that is highly profitable in Nigeria.

Female Wears

Selling of female clothes in Nigeria is as well lucrative and profitable.

It is among the fast selling clothing line in Nigeria.

Females has tradition of buying more and spending more on wears than males.

A situation that is good for business among those who deal on sale of female clothes in Nigeria.


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