How To Stop People From Adding You To WhatsApp Groups Without Your Consent

WhatsApp is world biggest and most popular instant message (IM) messenger. Since launching in 2009, WhatsApp has become the world most popular text and voice messaging application.


The application runs both on mobile and PC platforms. One of the strengths of the application is its security and enhanced privacy features. Messages on the platform is end to end encrypted. In other words, only the sender and recipient gets to see their messages and discussions.

The application has many other features which endeared it to heart of many and also contributed to its continuous growth. Aside the text and voice message feature, the applications also have voice and video call features. This means that when connected to a Wi-Fi or active data, users can make calls in real time be it voice or video seamlessly.

WhatsApp also has a feature that enables a user to bring together people under one discussion chain called group chat. The initiator of the group becomes the admin of that group and can also pass the admin task to other discussion participants.

One of the advantages of being an admin of a WhatsApp group discussion is that user has the ability to bring in new people into the discussions or the group.

This is a feature that enables old boys, high school friends, university colleagues, work station colleagues etc. come together, relate and be in touch with one another irrespective of their various loctions and destinations. The group feature of WhatsApp is considered very important as it has bridged the gap, stress and shortfalls that comes with bulk sms.

However, some users have taken advantage of the wonderful group feature of WhatsApp to bring in people into some discussions which they do not have interest in without consent of the user. It is frustrating and saddening to wake up or pick up your phone and on lunching the app you get to find out you have been added to some groups which you may not know what is all about without your consent.

It is more annoying when the admin who added you to the groups is not even known to you. In a bid to halt these scenario, WhatsApp rolled out a new privacy feature that prevent one from being added to a WhatsApp groups without his or her consent. With this new privacy feature, a user can now determine who can add him or her to a group.

If you are tired of being added to WhatsApp groups that is of no interest to you without your consent, then follow this simple step to activate the new privacy feature that puts a stop to indiscriminate adding to WhatsApp group.

Make sure your WhatsApp is up to date, if not, get it updated using Apple or Google play store depending on your device. Having gotten your WhatsApp updated, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch your WhatsApp application
  2. Go to setting
  3. Locate Account
  4. Locate Privacy
  5. Then locate Groups

The application made available three (3) options a user can choose from so as to determine users who can add him or her to a group. Three available options differ from Android to IOS. If you are using Android platform here are the three (3) options, you will find:


Most users leave theirs on EVERYONE. If you leave your settings on “everyone”, others users both those on your contacts and off it will be able to add you to WhatsApp groups including spammers.

When you select CONTACTS ONLY, users on your contact lists will be the only ones eligible to add you to a WhatsApp group. You can as well apply granular control by choosing CONTACTS EXCEPT. It will enable only specific users on your contact list to bring on board of a WhatsApp group.

For IOS platform users, there is a slight difference in the three (3) options provided. Three options that are available to IOS users are:


For IOS users, you can decide to shut out all users from adding to WhatsApp group by selecting the NOBODY option.

With this privacy settings, admins who can’t add you directly will have option of sending an invite notice privately to you for approval. The new privacy feature is available on all WhatsApp compatible devices, Android and IOS inclusive.


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