How to Sue a Person to Court in Nigeria

If you are looking for steps and process of suing someone or persons in Nigeria, this article would be helpful.

How to take someone to court is a reoccurring questions especially among those who haven’t instituted court action against someone before.

However, it is a straight forward process to take someone to Court in Nigeria.

Taking someone to court in Nigeria is not cheap especially when the litigation drags on for a long time.

This is why every other conflict resolution mechanism should be explored before instituting court action.

Taking someone to court in Nigeria can be time and money consuming.

This is because of Nigeria judiciary system and cost of hiring lawyers in Nigeria. This is why it should be at right scenario and last resort to suing someone in Nigeria.

Before you institute court action against someone in Nigeria, it is imperative that you should consider the issues at stake.

Pertinent questions such as is it a case that can be solved through dialogue, mediation and conciliation.

Also, it is important to determine the jurisdiction of case which you intend to sue about by deciding if the case is within the jurisdiction of which court.

All these can be tedious and alien to first timer who intend to sue someone in Nigeria.

This is why this post is all important as it will provide you with steps and how to sue someone to court in Nigeria fast.

How to Take Someone to Court in Nigeria

To sue or take someone to court in Nigeria, the easiest way to do so is to hire service of a lawyer i.e get an attorney.

These are professionally trained personnel who take on litigation matters and can Institute court action on behalf of clients.

So, to sue someone in Nigeria, simple walk into the office of your desired lawyer and speak to him or her about your intention to sue someone through them.

This is very important as this will enable you get professional briefing and advise concerning your case.

Generally, to sue someone to court in Nigeria, simply approach any lawyer of your choice and especially those with specialization in your case interest and make known to them your intentions to take someone to court.

In the instances where you can’t afford a lawyer, you can explore free legal aids available in Nigeria.

There are certain lawyers in Nigeria that offer free legal services to those who are disadvantaged financially and otherwise.

Why it is important to engage the service of lawyer in Nigeria if you intend to sue someone is that they are in position to know which court in Nigeria has jurisdiction concerning your case.

Also, they are acquainted with the laws and understand the court proceedings and are professionally trained to argue cases in the law court on behalf of clients.

This is something an ordinary person may find very difficult to do professionally. So, lawyers know the appropriate court in Nigeria to file your case at.

With the above analogy, we hope the questions such as how can I take someone to court? has been answered.

These simple steps can help you sue someone to court in Nigeria.


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