How To Track Adsense Pin in Nigeria (2022)

Best Way To Track & Find Adsense Pin in Nigeria

This article will focus on how to track your Google adsense pin in Nigeria.

How to track adsense pin in Nigeria

To partner with google and have their ads keep running in your website, it is required that site owners verify their address by entering a six digit pin sent to their chosen address.

In this post, the easiest ways to track and receive adsense pin in Nigeria will be talked about.

If you are tracking your AdSense pin in Nigeria,the best way to receive and find your AdSense pin in Nigeria is through Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST).

For Nigerian website owners, it is always frustrating getting these adsense pin as many bloggers and search engine optimization experts in Nigeria keep waiting endlessly for arrival of these adsense pin to their chosen destination and address.

The question is not if the adsense pin are actually sent because it is obvious that google do send out these pin to the requested destinations and addresses as soon as requested.

The major reason why adsense pin most times failed to reach expected addresses or destinations in Nigeria is because of Nigerian’s poor addressing systems and poor attitude to work on part of Nigeria mail agency NIPOST.

Many bloggers and SEO experts have had their ads restricted as a result of inability to verify their address withing the stipulated time and duration.

For most content developers, this is very worrisome and frustrating.

For these reason and after a careful research, we have come up with the best and easiest way to track google adsense pin in Nigeria.

This article will help you to locate where your adsense pin is most likely to be found in Nigeria.

How To Easily Locate/Find Adsense Pin in Nigeria

Now, lets be clear, Google adsense pin cannot be tracked using some courier number or mailing tracking numbers.

So, the only way to track adsense pin in Nigeria is to do so manually.

The easiest way to track adsense pin in Nigeria is to track Google adsense pin in Nigeria using Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST).

This involves you have to move around and visit some post offices where adsense pin can be dropped in Nigeria.

When Google seeks to verify address of a partner or web content developer, they do send out personal identification numbers (PIN) to the blogger’s chosen address.

Because google is aware that mail can fail to reach desired destination, content developers are given opportunity to request for a resend of their pin for additional four (4) times after the first request.

The increase in the number of adsense pin resend request maybe be as result of COVID-19 impact.

Though we cannot back this up with any fact but we assume it might have triggered the policy.

This is a good news as one has opportunities to keep asking for a resend of adsense pin in Nigeria especially when they are having hard time getting or finding already send ones.

However there is a bad news, which is that after 4 months from the time first pin was sent, if the blogger or web content developer address is not yet verified then their ads will be restricted by Google.

This what almost every SEO expert or blogger tries to avoid.

From numerous experiences and careful study of some situations involving inability to located or received adsense pin at filled or chosen address we have found the easiest way to locate and find adsense pin in Nigeria.

How To Track Adsense Pin in Nigeria

There are numerous adsense pin letters that are dumped and laying aimless across post offices in Nigeria waiting for their owners.

Google deliver adsense pin in Nigeria through Nigeria Postal Service, NIPOST.

The post office workers are suppose to deliver these adsense letter pins to their addresses but due to poor attitude to work and lack of motivation in the job, these NIPOST workers just receive these letters and dump them at their office.

This is reason why most people now add phone numbers while entering their address for adsense pin delivery.

This will prompt the post office workers to give them a call to come pick up their letter.

Days are gone when post office staff do go about delivering letter to their addresses.

One might wonder how then can I know which post office to visit and check up on my adsense pin.

How to know the most likely post office where your adsense pin might be is to visit post office covering that address you entered into for the delivery.

Example of the idea is this. If you use 35 Zik Avenue Enugu as address for your pin delivery, then find out the post office within that neighborhood or that covers that neighborhood, it is most likely that your adsense pin will be there.

Nevertheless, some people here in Nigeria get lucky and have their adsense pin delivered to them at their door step within stipulated period of time.

How Long Does It Take For Adsense Pin To Arrive Nigeria

It takes 2 to 4 weeks to have your adsense pin delivered to your chosen address in Nigeria.

So, after these stipulated periods, just know it that your adsense pin is laying in one of Nigeria post offices.

How Many Times To Apply Google Adsense Pin In Nigeria 

Google always reserve options for site owners to request for adsense pin more then once.

Website owners can apply for adsense pin for maximum of three (3) times.

This is because they are aware that for various reasons, Google adsense pin can fail to reach the sent destinations for various reasons.

So, there are chances for site owners to request for adsense pin resend when they failed to get already sent one.

Google adsense pin can be requested for upto three (3) times.

This is the number of times Google can resend adsense pin to Nigeria publishers.

So, adsense pin can be resent to Nigeria upto three (3) times.

How To Verify Google Adsense in Nigeria Without Adsense Pin

There are situations where Google adsense pin failed to reach the desired address or destination.

In that case, other options for verifying google adsense in Nigeria without adsense pin will be explored.

Now to verify Google adsense without Google adsense pin in Nigeria, the webiste owner will be requested to upload government approved or accepted identity card (ID).

This procedure has been used to verify Google adsense in Nigeria before now.

The ID for adsense verification in Nigeria will have names and addresses as stipulated in adsense profile and bank details.

This is another way of verifying google adsense in Nigeria without adsense pin.


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