i9S-TWS 5.0 Airpod Price & Specifications

This post will give you a detailed specifications, prices and how good i9S -TWS airpod is.

i9S-TWS price in Nigeria

i9S-TWS airpod is one of the most common and used airpods in Nigeria.

This is owing to price of i9S-TWS airpod and specifications of i9s airpod.

The advent of wireless listening devices has seen a massive increase in production of different brands and models of wireless listening devices ranging from airpods,necksbands and over ear headphones etc.

There seem to be a preference of wireless listening devices over wired earphones.

However, one of the major demerits of wireless listening devices is the cost of wireless listening devices which is much more expensive than the wired earphones.

Survey and empirical scan shows that i9S-TWS airpod is considerably one of the the cheapest airpods.

Many users consider i9S-TWS as budget Apple Airpod lookalike or Apple Airpod clone.

This is because of its shape and colour which comes only in white.

When we say they are budget apple airpod lookalike, one begins to wonder how much is i9S-TWS airpod?.

In this blog post, the cost of i9S-TWS airpod will be reviewed. We will also review some of the most common problems of i9S-TWS airpod.

You will also find our verdict on how good i9S-TWS airpod brand is.

Is i9S-TWS Airpod a Good Airpod?

i9S-TWS airpods is considerably one of the best budget airpods in the market.

The wireless listening device which comes in white colours is a 5.0 bluetooth version airpod.

i9S-TWS is very easy to use and has power button at the top end of the both pairs of the airpod.

Moreso, it can be recharged easily by slotting the two pairs of the airpods into its charging case or box.

i9S-TWS airpod doesn’t produce the best of sounds among the airpods, nevertheless, it is good value for money as i9S-TWS sound is considerably good and okay for listening pleasure.

i9S-TWS airpod is no doubt a good wireless airpod and cost cheap money.

It is also compactible with most Bluetooth devices.

Also, one pair of i9S-TWS airpod can be used separately as a one ear bluetooth.

How Long Does i9S-TWS Airpod Last?

i9S-TWS airpod has battery capacity of 200 Amh which can last for 2.5 to 3hrs under steady use.

Also, it comes with a charging case with battery power storage of about 800mA which shows that the airpod can be recharged multiple times by its charging box.

However under inconsistent play time and calls, i9S-TWS airpod can last for about 9hrs.

i9S-TWS Airpod Price

The cost price of i9S-TWS is relative and based on certain factors such as dealers and locations.

Generally, the price of i9S-TWS ranges between $6 to $8.

The price of i9S-TWS airpod in Nigeria is between N4000 to N6000.

In broad terms and international market, i9S-TWS airpod price cost between $7 to $8.

This i9S-TWS price can be more higher especially if you are purchasing in rural areas or places with few or no gadgets stores.

What is The Cause of One Ear or Side of i9S-TWS Airpod airpod Not Working?

One of the most common problems associated with i9S-TWS airpod is that sometimes one pair or ear of i9S-TWS airpod may stop working or not be working from point of purchase.

This is very common fault found in i9S-TWS airpod. The major reasons why one ear or pair of i9S-TWS airpod not working is because it’s battery is bad.

Sometimes, it could be as result of minor cut on the speakers wires.

But most times it is caused by the battery which has become bad and needs to be replaced.

What’s the Cause of i9S-TWS Airpod Charging Box not Working?

Another problem usually encountered but also rare is that i9S-TWS Airpod charging box may not be working or charging the airpods when slotted into the case.

This is caused as result of weak battery cells. If the charging box of your i9S-TWS airpod is not working properly, you can solve this problem by changing the battery cells that is planted inside the charging box.

In this way,the i9S-TWS charging box would start working properly and fine.


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