How to Start Ice Block Business in Nigeria

The profitability of ice block business in Nigeria has become very high owning to factors such as epileptic power and weather conditions.

Many people have ventured into ice blocks making business in Nigeria and have made fortune out of it.

This is because the demand for ice block in Nigeria especially in major urban cities such as Lagos,Port Harcourt which is very massive.

The use of ice block is very numerous in Nigeria and this makes ice block making business profitable and lucrative.

How much can be used to start ice block making business in Nigeria? Keep reading to find out.

Ordinarily, ice blocks can be made at home with use of deep freezers, but lack of adequate power supply is a challenge to this.

Also, the temperature of Nigerian environment which leaves our weather a bit hot always propell too much intake of cold beverages.

Hence, ice blocks and packs are used everyday to preserve foods, chill edibles like beverages and water among other things.

Starting an ice block making business in Nigeria is considered easy, however, it requires reasonable capital and dedication.

While the process of making ice blocks or ice packs in Nigeria is devoid of any technical knowledge, high performing ice block machines are very essential and needed.

The business of making and production of ice blocks can be categorised among small and medium businesses.

Moreso, ice block production and sales are fast moving and profitable in Nigeria in that they also facilitate other small businesses like retailing of bottled water and beverage drinks.

In this post we will be reviewing how to start ice block business in Nigeria.

The post will among other things discuss the cost ice block making machines in Nigeria and how lucrative ice block making business is in Nigeria.

The Cost of Starting Ice Block Making Business in Nigeria

There is no definite cost or amount that is needed to set up ice block production business in Nigeria.

This is because ice block business just like most other small and medium businesses in Nigeria can be started at different levels and capital.

However, what is definite is the average cost that can be used to start off ice block business.

For commercial production of ice blocks in Nigeria, the minimum amount that can be used to start up the business is N500,000.

Some of the logistics that are needed for ice block business in Nigeria is actually very expensive like cost of power and ice blocks making machines.

So, to start commercial ice block production, an average capital of N500,000 will be required.

How to Start Ice Block Business in Nigeria

To start ice block making in Nigeria, not so many logistics and machines are needed.

However, the needed logistics must be well provided. To start making ice blocks in Nigeria, the following logistics needs to be in place: water, Power, packaging and ice block making machines.

These are four major requirements for starting ice block making in Nigeria.


There will be no ice blocks or packs without water. So water is very essential in the business of making ice blocks.

So, to start ice block production, you will have to consider your water source.

The water source must be pure, stable and close or within the production plant.

In most cases, borehole water sources and pipe borne water are most preferable. This is to make sure the water is pure.

It is very essential that the water is pure because it is most likely that the ice will be used to either preserve an edible or to prepare an edible.

So, water must be available and must be pure and clean enough to be used for edible substances.


This is another essential logistics that is needed for making ice blocks. To effectively run an ice block business in Nigeria, you need atleast 18 hrs power supply.

This is why you need a good performing power generator to complement power from electricity distribution companies.

What this entails is that in siting your ice block company, consider areas with good electricity supply this will minimise the use of power generator and gas too.

Also the power generator has to be durable and be able to produce complete current capable of freezing water.

Ice Block Packaging

The packaging of ice blocks isn’t much of a deal as most ice block packaging in Nigeria are done with polythene bags.

This is done simply by filling the polythene bags with water and carefully sealing its opening with rope.

These water filled polythene are gently placed inside the ice blocks making machines for freezing.

Ice Block Making Machines

The ice block machines are the machines that freeze water into ice packs and blocks.

Ice block making machines are more like deep freezers fused with powerful compressors and condenser.

This compressor is the heart of the ice making machines as it part of the machine that absorbes heat and help keep the temperature at zero degree centigrade.

Most ice block making machines are large deep freezers with powerful compressors attached to them.

Also, greater number of them are locally manufactured by welders and electrician who install compressors and condenser to produce a perfect ice making machines in Nigeria.

This is the locally made ice block making machines in Nigeria.

However,there are foreign brands of Ice blocks making machines.

These are machines that are specifically designed to produce ice blocks when connected to electricity with water filled packs.

How Lucrative is Ice Block Business in Nigeria?

How much one can make from ice block business in Nigeria is relative. However,what is certain in that the demand for ice blocks in Nigeria is high.

Demand is much higher in urban centers and cities like Lagos,Kano and Port Harcourt.

Also, during dry seasons there is a very high demand for ice blocks. Major suppliers sells between 50 to 100 packs on average daily.

This can leave them with profit of about N5000 everyday. This is how much profit you can make from selling ice block business in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Cost of Ice Block Machine in Nigeria

Most ice blocks making machines in Nigeria are locally manufactured.

The price of ice blocks machines in Nigeria is dependent on the size and volume of the machine.

The smallest size of locally manufactured Ice block machines in Nigeria cost between N150,000 to N200,000. Foreign made ice block machines costs average of N400,000 depending on its size and functions.

The best place to buy ice block making machine is to visit top welding companies and welders who engage in construction of cold rooms and ice blocks making machines.

These welders are abound in our neighborhoods and cities,all you need is to make inquiries and speak to any welder around.


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