Ice Block Making Machine Price in Nigeria

Ice blocks for commercial purposes are produced through special constructed machines. The first step towards starting ice block business in Nigeria is acquisition of ice block making machine.

The cost of ice block making machine is relatively not cheap in Nigeria.

Also, the cost of ice block making machine is of varying prices this is because there are numerous types of ice block making machines with different ice block production capacities.

Ice block making machines mostly used in Nigeria are locally constructed ice block machines. This is because of the average cost of foreign made ice block making machine in Nigeria.

Moreso, many commercial ice block sellers engage in conversation of deep freezers into ice block making machines by attaching powerful compressors to these deep freezers to increase their freezing ability.

Nevertheless, most ice block making machines used in Nigeria are locally constructed stand with compressors and refrigerant cooper pipes installed in them.

This post will review the price estimates of ice block making machines. This write up will also take a look at price of imported foreign ice block making machines and local built ice block making machines in Nigeria.

How Much is The Cost of Ice Block Making Machine in Nigeria?

The size and capacity of ice block machines largely influenced their prices. How large or small an ice making machine is, determines the number of ice packs it can hold at a time.

This is why size is very crucial when trying to buy ice block making machine for setting up ice block business in Nigeria.

Cost of Imported/Foreign Ice Block Making Machine

These categories of ice making machine is usually very expensive and mostly used and afforded by hotels, top clubs and restaurants.

The average cost of foreign and imported ice block making machine in Nigeria is N4,000,000.

Some with larger ice making capacity cost even more. Here is estimate price of Imported ice block making machine and their capacities.

  • 50 Ice Blocks @ N2,000,000
  • 100 Ice Blocks @ N2,800,000
  • 150 Ice Blocks @ N5,200,000
  • 200 Ice Blocks @ N7,100,000
  • 300 Ice Blocks @ N12,000,000
  • 500 Ice Blocks @ N15,500,000

These are mostly bought and used for industrial purposes and those operating on a very large scale of ice block production in Nigeria.

Cost of Ice Block Making Machine (Nigeria Made)

Locally constructed ice making machine in Nigeria comes at different types and costs. Average cost of Nigeria made local ice block making machine is N250,000.

Some of these locally built ice block making machines can go as high as N500,000 depending on their size and freezing capacity too.

However, deep freezer can be converted to ice blocks making machine by electronics engineer and this type of ice block making machines are very much affordable and cost between N80,000 to N150,000 depending on theirs sizes.

If you are looking for where to buy, purchase or get ice block making machine in Nigeria, then you should consider the type you are looking to buy.

For your foreign ice block making machines, it is best and cheaper to be imported directly from countries like China.

It can also be procured from major electronics stores in top cities in Nigeria. The best place to buy and purchase locally made ice block making machines is from major wielding outlets in any major city in Nigeria.

These wielding outlets in conjunction with electricians engage in manufacturers of ice block making machine in Nigeria.

Other Uses of Ice Block Making Machine in Nigeria

Aside production of ice blocks and packs, ice making machines can be used to freeze, chill water and beverage drinks. They can also be used to preserve edibles such as meats, fish etc.

This is because of their high freezing point and capabilities which can get edibles and beverages chilled at very fast rate.

This is one of the major must have equipment if you intend to venture into sales of chilled beverages, sachet water, ice blocks etc.


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