Imo State Population (2023)

Population of Imo State 

In this article, we bring to our readers the current population of Imo state.

Imo state population

Imo state is one of the largest states in southeast Nigeria.

It is a state known for high growth of hospitality industry.

This has brought lots of human resources to Imo state, there by increasing significantly the population of the state.

The current population of Imo State are based on estimations and projections.

This is largely as result of inability of Nigerian Population Commission (NPC) to conduct its statutory duty of census in Nigeria.

Notwithstanding, many attempts as ascertaining the true population of Imo State is being done by the state government through periodic data collections and analysis.

However most of the population figures about Nigerians states are based on estimations and projections.

The last official population of Imo state was in 2011. As at that time, Imo state population was estimated at 4,609,000.

Since then experts have been making efforts at getting the most accurate population figures of Imo State.

In this article, we will be giving what the current population of Imo State is.

This information will be highly significant and be of interest to many people especially government agencies, students and Non Governmental Organization.

Official Population of Imo State

The last known official data on Imo state population shows that the state has population of 4,609,000 in the year 2011.

Ten years after, we seek to find what population figures of Imo State is currently.

As at the year 2011, with 4,609,000 population figures, Imo state represents 2.814% of total Nigeria population.

Studies showed that between 2006 to 2011, Imo state population growth rate was at 3.25% per year.

Based on estimations, using previous Imo state population growth rate as well as population projection index, current population of Imo State is estimated at 6,347,078.

This represent over 2 million increase from the state population in the year 2011.

Imo State Population Density

Imo State Population density is the number of people living together in a particular area of Imo State measured in square meters.

The current population density of Imo State is 833.5 p/km².

It is among the highest population density figure among southeast states.

Towns With Highest Number of Population in Imo State

There are over 100 towns and autonomous communities in Imo state.

People living in these towns are not evenly distributed as there are some towns in Imo state that boost of large population figures and numbers.

Below are list of major and largest towns in Imo state.

Largest Towns in Imo State

Below is the roll call of Imo State biggest towns and major cities.

  • Owerri
  • Orlu
  • Mgbidi
  • Mabise
  • OHaji Egbema
  • Njaba

These are the major towns in Imo state with highest number of inhabitants and population figures.

Imo state is one of the five states of southeast Nigeria.

It also the largest state in southeast. The state is endowed with both human and natural resources.

Currently Imo state is one of the only two southeast state that are accorded oil producing state status in Nigeria.

Thus, they are considered part of Niger Delta region in Nigeria.


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    Appreciating u for ur effort in bringing this all important information to the public, i would equally like to correct this wrong aspect of ur wrute up:
    Mbaise is neither a city nor town but rather a clan consisting of several towns, examples include Ahiara, Enyiogugu, Nguru, Mbutu.
    Ohaji Egbema and Njaba are local government areas, not cities or towns.
    In the case of densely populated enclaves in the state, apart from the three main cities of Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe, there is only one more settlement that can be refered to as a city in Imo state; Oguta ( headquarters of Oguta lga). Now the following are some of the densely populated towns in the state: Awo-omamma, Mbieri,Ahiara,Mgbidi,Akokwa, Umuelemai,Agwa,Izombe,Awo-idemili,Ihioma,Okrika, (Atta Ikeduru), Arondizuogu,Nsu,Amiri,Umuagwo,Umuaka,Amaigbo, Nkwere, Ogwa,Orodo, Omuma, Abor (abor mbaise), Urualla,Obodoukwu,Egbema,Añara,Umuokanne.
    As we can see, some of the aforementioned towns are not lga headquarters.

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