Where in Nigeria Does Snow Fall?

A lot of foreigners and Nigerians always ask does snow fall in any part of Nigeria? Where in Nigeria does it snow during winter? Find out about snow in Nigeria in this post.

It can get extreme cold in some parts of Nigeria but it doesn’t snow in any part of Nigeria all around the year.

There have been a lot of inaccurate information about snow fall in Nigeria. The geographical location of Nigeria is such that the country is very close to equator and this makes snow fall in Nigeria extremely difficult.

There is no record of snow fall ever recorded in Nigeria. There are some reports online noting snow fall in Nigeria’s northern state of Jos in 70s, but this is not backed by any official records and is highly disputed.

Snow is a weather conditions mostly experienced in Europe and North America. Nigeria lies on the latitude between 4∘N and 7∘N, and longitudes 2∘E and 3∘E.

The West Africa country shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the West, Chad and Cameroon in the South, and Niger in the North.

Nigeria is regarded as tropical country which sees good volume of rain fall between March and November annually.

Despite this weather conditions, It does not snow in any part of Nigeria even the coldest part of Nigeria in the far north.

Does It Snow in Lagos Nigeria?

Lagos Nigeria is a coastal state which has access to Atlantic Ocean. The state is one of the Nigeria’s state that usually witness good volume of rain fall sometime all around the year.

Despite this, it does not and have never snowed in Lagos, Nigeria. However, if you are or moving to Lagos, you will experience rain fall in a heavy volume and the weather of Lagos is very mild and perfect especially for foreigners.

Does Snow Fall in Jos Plateau State?

Jos is taken as the coldest city in Nigeria due to very low temperature witnessed in the city during harmattan season.

Again, there is no snows in Jos or any part of Nigeria. Snow do not fall in Jos Plateau state. However, there is report of ice rain showers in Jos in the year 2016. This is rain fall accompanied by small drops of ice.

Where in Nigeria Does Snow Fall?

Snow has never fallen in any part of Nigeria. You can witness heavy rain fall lasting for days in Nigeria but not snow.

Ice rain fall had been witnessed in Jos northern part of Nigeria but not snow. All these answers questions relating to If snow falls in Nigeria and which part of Nigeria can I found snow.


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