Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria (2024)

Best Investments in Nigeria

Despite the economic storm bedeviling Nigeria, it is still a good investment destination in Africa because of her population.

Best Investments in Nigeria

There are certain investment ideas in Nigeria that are still yielding high returns irrespective of popularity. These are best investment opportunities in Nigeria.

One of the best ways to save and make money is to invest them especially in high profit yielding investments in Nigeria.

No one gets rich through economizing or less spending rather people get rich and acquire wealth through investments.

Investing in Nigeria is no doubt challenging as a result of the environment.

However, the market is so large that there are still many top profitable investments opportunities and ideas that are yet to be explored to fullest.

Oftentimes, people find it difficult coming up with the best business ideas or investment plans in Nigeria that is lucrative,which is type of investment in Nigeria that most people wants to put their money into.

In this article, we will be discussing and providing for our readers the best profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Most Profitable Investment Ideas in Nigeria

There are many good investments opportunities in Nigeria.

While some investment ideas in Nigeria are very viable across the country, some others are regional based.

For instance, some investment opportunities are best in southern Nigeria.

So every region of Nigeria has a particular investment idea that is more profit yielding in the region.

These are some of the things an investor in Nigeria would have to put into cognizance.

What are the best investments opportunities in Nigeria? Read on while we bring you the best businesses with high return on investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Oil and Gas

One of the best and lucrative sectors in Nigeria is oil and gas sector.

Nigeria is one of top oil producers and yet the country has no funtional refinery.

This has created a huge gap and opportunities for those in the sector.

Putting money in oil and gas sector in Nigeria is not a bad investment.

Both upstream and downstream sector of Nigeria is a good investment.

One of the easiest investments in oil and gas business in Nigeria is sale of crude oil products like petrol, diesel, Kerosene.

Marketing of these crude oil products in Nigeria is a good investment to make in Nigeria.

Cooking Gas

More Nigerians are embracing gas as alternative for cooking energy.

This situation is creating huge opportunities in the industry.

Investing in cooking gas in Nigeria is a very good investment option and opportunity in Nigeria.

In urban and semi urban towns people still travel long kilometers to purchase cooking gas.

Investing in this sector by establishing a cooking gas plant is a good investment.

It is one of the businesses with high return on investment that is not yet common or flooded in Nigeria.

Real Estate

Land never depreciates and is among the best investments one can make.

Investing in real estate in Nigeria is one of the best way to earn passively in Nigeria.

Shelter is a basic need and must for everyman. Poverty in Nigeria and low standards of living has dragged many citizens back in their dreams of owning their private and own homes.

This is a good business opportunity investors in real estate in Nigeria is optimizing.

Nightclub / Lounge

Many people are yet to identify how lucrative nightclub or bar business is in Nigeria.

Especially in Southern Nigeria. Nightclub and bar business is very rewarding in Nigeria.

It is among businesses in Nigeria that brings high return on investment.

Nightclubs and bar business in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Enugu are among some of the best places to build nightclub in Nigeria.

Haulage Services/Logistics

Nigeria is a very large country and traveling round the country is a herculean task.

Nigerians who have invested heavily in logistics and haulage services have been smiling to the banks.

Daily, goods worth billions of naira are moved within and outside the country.

This are made possible by logistics companies and companies that deals on haulage services in Nigeria.

So, investing in haulage and logistics business is a good investment opportunity in Nigeria.


It is needless over laboring the obvious about viability of investing in Agriculture in Nigeria.

Be is livestock or other agricultural products production, agriculture is the bedrock of every nation.

People would stop at nothing to put food on their table.

So, investing a good amount in agriculture in Nigeria is money well spent.

Hotel & Motel

Hospitality business is also a good investment to make in Nigeria.

It is even a better investment to make in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

This is because of the population and significants of these cities.

Hotel investment in Nigeria makes investor earn passively.

It also yields high return especially when situated in strategic location with good facilities and security.

Investing in motel or hotel in Nigeria has never been a bad investment in Nigeria.


Production and manufacturing of highly used household items in Nigeria is a good investment.

Even though environments and amenities like electricity is still an impediments to manufacturing sector in Nigeria, it is still very profitable and lucrative to manufacture in Nigeria.

Manufacturing of sachet and bottle water, toilet papers, Bread and other items daily used by Nigerians irrespective of status and economic class is a good way to spend and invest money in Nigeria.


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