iPhone Prices in Nigeria (2023)

Price of Latest Apple iPhones in Nigeria

iPhone, a top smartphone which is designed and marketed by Apple Inc is one of the Nigeria’s most used smartphones.

iPhone Prices in Nigeria

The phone is so popular and loved in Nigeria that it is used to show class and affluence.

This is because of the price range of iPhone smartphones in Nigeria which is considered high and expensive.

In this post Apple iPhones and their prices in Nigeria will be made known.

Over the years, Apple Inc has launched many version of iPhone smartphones with the latest being iPhone 13 Pro Max.

While the quality and features of iPhone is highly talked about in Nigeria, the price of latest iPhones in Nigeria has also remained in public discourse for obvious reason.

In this article, we will be bringing to our readers the price of iPhone smartphones in Nigeria. iPhone prices in Nigeria is not so common to publish knowledge as result of how expensive iPhone smartphones are in Nigeria.

Also, we will specifically provide the price of cheapest iPhone in Nigeria as well as the price of most expensive and latest iPhone in Nigeria.

Price of iPhone Smartphones in Nigeria

Below is the list of some top iPhones in Nigeria and their price range.

The iPhone price in this post will cover the cost of iPhone smartphones phone in Nigeria from popular phone shops in Nigeria.

It is pertinent to note that iPhone Prices in Nigeria varies from different phone shops owing to certain factors which includes but not limited to status of device, location, features and vendor.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Price

iPhone 13 Pro Max which was announced in September 2023 comes in 4 different variants. These variants and models of iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in different price in Nigeria.

iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with 4G & 5G supported network. It also comes with a whooping 6GB RAM.

The internal storage capacity of iPhone 13 Pro Max largely determines its price.

It’s is the most expensive iPhone in Nigeria currently.

Below is the storage capacity and price of iPhones 13 Pro Max in Nigeria.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB = N550,000 – N580,000

iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB = N620,000 – N635,000

iPhone 13 Pro Max 513GB = N710,000 – N730,000

iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB = N789,000 – N800,000

iPhone 13 Pro Price

iPhone 13 Pro is one of the latest iPhone smart phones released on September.

It comes with 6GB RAM and internal storage in variant of 128GB,256GB,512GB & 1TB.

The price of iPhone 13 Pro in Nigeria ranges between N510,000 – N750,000.

iPhone 13 Price

iPhone 13 price in Nigeria ranges between N470,000 to N645,000.

The newly launched smart phone comes with 4GB RAM & 128GB,256GB, 512GB ROM.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Price

iPhone 12 Pro Max was announced in 2020 and comes with a massive 6GB RAM.

Its variants comes with 128GB,256GB & 512GB.

The price of iPhone 12 Pro Max in Nigeria ranged between N530,000 – N655,000 depending on model and storage capacity.

iPhone 12 Price in Nigeria

The price range for iPhone 12 in Nigeria ranges between N350,000 – N480,000 depending on specifications.

iPhones 11 Pro Max Price

iPhone 11 Pro Max has a specification of 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM.

The price range of iPhone 11 Pro Max in Nigeria goes between N420,000 – N567,000.

iPhone 11 Pro Price

This Apple smartphone phone was released in 2019 and has 3046 mAh battery capacity with 64GB ROM.

iPhone 11 pro price in Nigeria goes for about N523,000.

iPhone 11 Price

iPhone 11 smartphone phone price in Nigeria is currently between N320,000 – N410,000.It comes with a whooping 4GB RAM.

Other iPhone Smartphone Prices in Nigeria

iPhone SX Max Price = N315,000 – N456,000
iPhone SX Price = N297,000 – N321,000
iPhone XR Price = N238,500 – N267,000
iPhone X Price = N218,000 – N248,000
iPhone 8 Plus Price = N182,000 – N185,500
iPhone 8 Price = N134,000 – N140,000
iPhone 7 Plus Price =N1170,000 – N121,000
iPhone 7 Price = N80,000 – N92,000
iPhone 6S Plus Price =N70,000 – N87,000
iPhone 6S Price = N55,000 – N74,000


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