Iron Rod Prices in Nigeria

This article will discuss different sizes of iron rod and their prices in Nigeria. Iron rod otherwise known as building or construction rod is a very important house construction accessory in Nigeria.

It is one of the most important building materials in Nigeria as well as one of the most expensive materials used during building construction.

Iron rod comes in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm sizes. Each of these iron rods are used for specific type of construction and for specific part of construction.

The price of iron rods is relative and iron rod are sold at price in accordance to their sizes and place of production ( foreign/local).

Generally on larger scale, iron rod are sold in tons, however for retail purposes, iron rod are sold either in tons or in retail to buyers.

This article will discuss sizes of iron rod and their market prices in Nigeria. Specifically, we will focus on the cost of most used iron rod in Nigeria.

How Much is Price of Iron Rod in Nigeria?

Our survey which geared towards obtaining the cost of iron rod prices in Nigeria is quite detailed and revealing.

As stated earlier, iron rod comes in different sizes so also is the price of iron rod is proportionate to its size.

The average price of iron rod in Nigeria is ₦4500 for TMT (foreign iron) and ₦3500 for local iron rod price. Some of the highly used iron rods in Nigeria is 10mm and 12mm.

This doesn’t mean that other iron rod of others sizes are not in use. But the above stated ones are heavily used in Nigeria.

Generally, as obtained across Nigeria market, there is hardly a definite price for a very popular and heavily used item with iron rod inclusive.

There is slightly price disparity among iron rod sellers and dealers in Nigeria. However,these price difference is usually minimal and mostly fall between N200 – N300.

Here is breakdown of the prices of iron rod for building construction in Nigeria.

  • Price of 6mm Iron Rod : ₦1300 – ₦1450
  • Price of 8mm Iron Rod: ₦2300 – ₦ 2450
  • Price of 10mm Iron Rod: ₦4000 – ₦4500
  • Price of 12mm Iron Rod:₦5800 – ₦6000
  • Price of 16mm Iron Rod:₦10,600 – ₦11,000
  • Price of 20mm Iron Rod: ₦16,500 – ₦16,800
  • Price of 25mm Iron Rod:₦27,000 – ₦27,800

The above are the current price of different sized TMT iron rods per single iron rod.

To ascertain the ton price of these iron rod, multiple the number of rods in a ton by the above given price.This will give the price of tons of iron rod in Nigeria.

Price of Local Iron Rod in Nigeria

While many iron rods patronised in Nigeria is TMT foreign iron rod, many companies in Nigeria are into iron rod manufacture and production too. Here is the price list of iron rod in Nigeria for a single iron rod

  • 6mm Iron Rod: ₦1300 – 1350₦
  • 8mm Iron Rod: ₦2350 – ₦2400
  • 10mm Iron Rod: ₦3700 – ₦4000
  • 12mm Iron Rod:₦ 5500 – ₦6000
  • 16 mm Iron Rod:₦9800 – ₦10,000
  • 20mm Iron Rod:₦15,300 – ₦15,400
  • 25mm Iron Rod:₦24,000 – ₦25,000

The above is the current price range of locally made iron rod in Nigeria. However, oftentimes, people hardly differentiate between the TMT foreign Iron Rod and the local Iron rods.

Also, from the above you will discover the the price of these categories of Iron Rod is almost same.

Hence most times, people do not segregate or have an increased preference between these two types of iron rod even though there is slight disparity in their prices.

Best Brands of Iron Rod in Nigeria

There are many types and brands of Iron Rod in Nigeria. Almost all iron rod brands in Nigeria has maintained very good quality especially the popular iron rod brands in Nigeria.

These most popular and used Iron rods in Nigeria are among the best Iron Rod in Nigeria. Here is list of Best Iron Rod in Nigeria for house building and other construction purposes.

Tiger TMT: Tiger TMT is one of the best quality iron rod in Nigeria. The iron rod is a well-known brand that offers high-quality Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) iron rods. It is easily one of th best and most popular iron rod in Nigeria.

Top Steel Nigeria Limited: Top Steel is another leading manufacturer of various sizes of iron rod and other steel products in Nigeria. They are highly regarded in the manufacture of some of the Nigeria’s best iron rod and steel products.

Kamdhenu: Also in the list of best building iron rod in Nigeria is Kamdhenu . This iron rod brand is a good iron rod for house construction in Nigeria and is alos a good rod for construction in some of the most difficult terrain. Kamdhenu brand provides a wide range of iron and steel products, including TMT bars.

BUA Group: BUA Group is a conglomerate with interest in pastries, beverages, oil and gas, cement, steel etc. BUA Group is into to manufacture of iron rod suitable and fit for house and other constructions purposes. Their iron rod is one of the best iron rod available in market in Nigeria.

Union Steel Nigeria Limited: Another good quality iron rod for heavy constructions such as house construction is Union Steel. They are among Nigeria’s notable manufacturer and supplier of iron rods and other steel products of top quality.

African Foundries Limited (AFL): One of recommended quality iron rod brand in Nigeria is the AFL. This company is also a popular steel making company in Nigeria with interests making of best iron rod for building house in Nigeria. They are one of the top players in the steel industry and by extension produces some of the best iron rod in Nigeria.


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