Is There Beach in Anambra State?

This article will answer all your questions relating to beach in Anambra state. Images and videos of beach in Anambra state surfaces online has left many people arguing if really there is a beach in Anambra state.

Some persons on social media noted that the beach is not located in Anambra state while other inferred that the said beach is located outside of the state.

This post will discuss every question you may have regarding the Anambra beach. Out of 36 states and FCT in Nigeria, not many states in Nigeria has beach in them.

Most states with beach in Nigeria are states on the coastal line. These are states that is located along waterways in Nigeria.

Anambra state is on the bank of river Niger and many communities in the state live along the bank of the river. Hence there are locations in Anambra state that is regarded as riverline areas.

Below is detailed informations about where beach in Anambra state is located.

Does Anambra State have a Beach?

There is a beach located in Anambra state. The beach is located in Anam town, in coastal part of the state. This answers the question of is there a beach in Anambra state. The beach has been for ages but the government has not given it face lift to encourage tourists.

The Anambra beach is formerly known as Okpu Ani Asa Beach in Orama Etiti Anam. But currently, the beach in Anambra state is mostly known as Anam beach.

The beach is currently attracting government attention as efforts is on to put access road from major cities to the beach for easy access and traffic.

Where is Anam Beach Located in Anambra State?

Anam beach is the beach in Anambra state and located in Anambra East local government area of the state. This beach is at the coastal and riverline area of the state.

If you want to visit Anambra beach, you have to find your way to Anam town. The beach is not fully developed yet as environment and surroundings is yet to be given adequate attention.

Also, there is no infrastructure in place for tourists relaxation and light refreshments. All these the Anambra state government said it would explore and put in efforts to make the beach in Anambra state a top tourist destination in Nigeria and Southeastern part of the state.

So, there is a beach in Anambra state and the beach is located in Anam town in Anambra state, Nigeria.


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