List of Itel Phones With 4G LTE Network

Itel, a renowned mobile phone brand across Africa is part of products of Transsion Holding, a tech giant headquartered in China.

Itel phones are largely regarded as cheaper smartphones and have easily penetrated phone market across most parts of Africa as result of it’s competitive price.

However, many have argued that itel phone specifications has been lacking behind other major smartphone brands.

Many critics have opined that itel phones has not completed well with other brands interms of features and specifications.

Specifically, itel phones network band , storage, operating system and battery capacity has come under scrutiny by phone reviewers.

Currently, the most prevalent network band especially in West Africa is 4G and many phone users intentionally seek out for phones that supports 4G network with Itel inclusive.

This article will pay close attention to Itel Phones that is 4G supported. These are Itel phones that have 4G LTE network and by implication deliver fast and better internet experience.

In this post, we will review all Itel phones that is for 4G LTE enabled.

Which Itel Phones Has 4G LTE Network?

There are not many Itel phones that is 4G LTE supported until 2021 when the phone brand went into aggressive manufacture of Itel 4G LTE smartphones.

Before now, Itel phones are largely regarded cost effective phones with simpler and low specifications such as battery capacity, network bandwidth, storage and operating system.

With high embrace of 4G long term evolution LTE network bandwidth among major mobile phone brands, it is only a matter of time before Itel move into production and manufacture of multiple 4G enabled Phones.

Currently, there are over 21 models of Itels phones that has 4G network. Below is the list of 21 models of Itel phones that is 4G LTE enabled.

Itel Phones With 4G Network

  • Itel A27
  • Itel S17
  • Itel A26
  • Itel A48
  • Itel A23 pro
  • Itel Vision 1 Pro
  • Itel Vision 1
  • Itel A44 Air
  • Itel A44 Power
  • Itel A22 Pro
  • Itel A22
  • Itel A45
  • Itel A44 Pro
  • Itel A44
  • Itel S42
  • Itel A20
  • Itel S21
  • Itel S41
  • Itel Wish A21
  • Itel Wish A21+
  • Itel Wish A41

The above list of Itel phones all have 4G LTE network band and are considered as high-end itel smartphones.

So, if you are on look out for which Itel phones that have 4G network, then you can check out the specifications of any of the above listed phones. They are all Itel smartphones that is 4G supported.


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