JBL Vs Zealot: Which is Better Bluetooth Speaker?

Numerous prospective bluetooth speaker users and buyers in Nigeria always get caught in delimma of deciding between JBL & Zealot which bluetooth speakers has better bass, battery and is stronger.

In Nigeria it is an open secret that Zealot and JBL bluetooth speakers are two most popular and most sought after bluetooth speakers in Nigeria.

This is why comparison on which is better bluetooth speaker between JBL & Zealot is always on.

We have had to unbox and compare some of the bluetooth speakers from the two tech giants: JBL & Zealot with the aim of finding which is better bluetooth speaker between Zealot and JBL.

We will be making comparison of JBL & Zealot on the following features: Sound Quality, Battery Capacity, Ruggedness, Price. Comparing Zealot Vs JBL on the following features will help our readers decide on which of Zealot and JBL speaker is better.

JBL Vs Zealot: Sound Quality

This section of article will be making review of the sound quality of JBL and Zealot speakers to determine which bluetooth speaker has better sound quality between JBL & Zealot.

To achieve this review, we unboxed couple of JBL speaker such as Charge 5, Xtreme 3 as well as zealot S67, S78. From our finding JBL bluetooth speaker tends to have better sound quality when compared with Zealot bluetooth speakers.

Even when moved to the highest volume, JBL seem to retain its sound quality unlike Zealot. So, from our review, we are of the opinion that JBL speaker has better sound quality than Zealot bluetooth speaker.

JBL Vs Zealot : Battery Capacity

While both JBL and Zealot speakers maintain good and high battery capacity, Zealot bluetooth speaker tends to have higher battery capacity which can keep the device on for hours during playtime.

So, if you’re looking at which of the bluetooth speaker between JBL and Zealot has better battery, we would suggest Zealot bluetooth speaker based on our experience.

JBL Vs Zealot: Ruggedness & Durability

Some prospective users of bluetooth speakers always seek for which bluetooth speaker is stronger and can stand test of time between JBL and Zealot speakers.

Both bluetooth speakers is of top quality and maintain good lifespan when used with care and as stipulated in their manual.

They both can be used for years without faults and breakdowns especially when used appropriately. So, we couldn’t separate both bluetooth speakers when it comes to durability and ruggedness.

JBL Vs Zealot: Price

When it comes to price and which is cheaper bluetooth speaker between JBL and Zealot speakers, it is a straightforward one.

Zealot bluetooth speaker are quite cheap for their quality when you compare them with what JBL of same quality and capacity costs.

So, Zealot is by far the cheaper bluetooth speaker between JBL and Zealot speakers.

End Note on Zealot Vs JBL: Which is Better Bluetooth Speaker?

The quality of both JBL and Zealot bluetooth speakers is top one and we highly recommend both for prospective users.

Depending on which feature you look out for in bluetooth speaker, you can make your decision on which of the speaker between JBL and Zealot to go for.

Nevertheless, both speakers guarantee value for money and are very good and would leave you with good experience.


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