Journalists Salary in Nigeria (2024)

How Much Journalists Are Paid As Salaries in Nigeria

Journalism in Nigeria is a poorly paid profession.

Journalists Salary in nigeria

This phenomenon is not just in Nigeria but across the world. This article will review the average salary of journalists in Nigeria.

The salary journalists are paid in Nigeria is so poor that most media practitioners feel justified to accept brown envelopes.

Brown envelope syndrome won’t go away soon in Nigeria journalism because of the salary structure of journalists in Nigeria.

The tasks of journalists is not an easy one. It is one of the professions with very high risk yet the salary journalists get paid in Nigeria is poor.

A lot of debates and arguments has been held around salary of journalists in Nigeria.

There have been arguments that the increase or rise in brown envelopes in the profession is as result of how much journalists are paid in Nigeria.

Journalism is too broad, so determining how much or average salary of journalists in Nigeria is tasking.

However we will depend on figures of salary of journalists in newspapers houses in Nigeria to drive this topic.

Also, the salary of journalists who works in private owned radio and television stations will also be brought to fore in this post.

There are some journalists in Nigeria who works for government media houses and most people are always seeking information to know how much government pay them.

Tips and information on salary of NTA staff always has high significance among media practitioners and students of mass communication.

So for our audience who wishes to get information about Mass Communication salaries and jobs, this article will be serving the purpose.

Salary of Journalists in Nigeria: How Much Journalists Earn as Salaries in Nigeria

The Average Salary of journalists in Nigeria is N55,000 per month.

This is not encouraging and does not reflect the reality of today’s Nigeria economy.

Salary of Journalists in Newspapers Firms in Nigeria

Newspaper firms in Nigeria like Sun Newspapers, Vanguard newspapers and Thisday are considered national newspapers and dailies because of their wider circulation.

Below is the salary of journalists who work in newspapers in Nigeria.

Entry Level journalists: 0 to 2 years experience = N45,000 to N70,000 per month. This is where you get mostly field reporters and line reporters.

Mid Level Journalists: 2 to 5 years experience = N80,000 to N120,000 per month.

Experienced Journalists: 5 years experience above = N130,000 and above.

Salary of Journalists Working in Radio /TV Broadcast Station in Nigeria

Entry Level Broadcasters: 0 to 2 years experience = N50,000 to N90,000 per month

Mid Level Broadcasters: 2 to 5 years experience = N80,000 to N100,000 per month

Seasoned Broadcasters: 10 years experience and above = N150,000 and above per month.

It is important to note also that these salary cap for journalists in Nigeria is dependent on the media house a practitioner is engaged to.

Salary of NTA Staff in Nigeria

The salary of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)  staff is always information of high significance.

A journalist with a degree in NTA is placed on Level 8 cadre of Nigeria civil service. The salary of graduate journalists at NTA start with around N120,000 per month.

Places Where Graduates of Mass Communication Can Work in Nigeria

Below are mass communication jobs in Nigeria. The graduates of mass communication can work but not limited to these fields.

Mass Media Houses

One of the major areas for graduates of mass communication is working in Media houses like the following.

  • Radio stations
  • Television stations
  • Newspaper and Magazines
  • Online publishing firms

Industries & Businesses

Graduates of mass communication will always have places in industries and business firms. Serving as secretary, receptionists, logistics executives etc.

Public Relations Executives /Advertisers

Also, mass communication graduates can also take up image making jobs in companies and for organizations.

They serve as spokesperson for government agencies and companies. They also, represent big personalities like top politicians serving as media aide.

Mass communication can also work in top advertising and branding firms.

Education Sectors

Graduates of mass communication can also work in educational institutions as lecturers and administrators.


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